Nepal Treks in the Himalayas

Our Nepal treks travel through one of the world's great mountain ranges, home to some of the world's highest peaks and surrounded by stunning scenery, a fascinating history and wonderfully welcoming communities. Nepal is continually a favourite for many travellers and offers the perfect safe adventure holiday. 

From accessible Nepal trekking holidays, to more challenging and remote routes, we have a range of superb treks in Nepal including the well known Everest Base camp trek and Annapurna Circuit trek, to the less visited places such as the Kanchenjunga trek, Rolwaling trek (with Parcharmo peak) and the Manaslu Circuit trek to name a few. 

The best time to go on a trekking in Nepal is during the pre- and post- monsoon seasons, which are from March to May and October to December. In the pre-monsoon time spring will bring a blooming of flowers, especially the rhodedendron which is native to Nepal. The days will become warm in May and early June, with clear mornings and rainstorms generally in the afternoons. After the monsoon expect cooler weather as the months approach winter but very clear skies and amazing views. 

During the day temperatures will be comfortable for walking but obviously it will get colder as you get higher and it is important to pack what you need for the day, for example hat and gloves, an extra layer and also a waterproof jacket and trousers. An umbrella is also useful for rain showers! The trek has many lodges and teashops along the way, so there is always time to pop in for a cup of tea and shelter from bad weather. Follow the kit lists that we have on all our trip pages and call us any time with any queries. 

It would be hard to do justice to trekking in Nepal even in a lifetime, there is so much to see and do! Nepal is a safe place to visit and the trails are wonderful places to re-connect with nature and walk amongst the mountains. Nowadays the trekking is much more comfortable than the rugged experience it was in the 1950s when Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest. There are comfortable tea houses selling a wide variety of local and western foods (and beer), even luxury hotels in the lower regions. Lots of treks focus on the culture as much as the scenery, but there is also ample opportunity to find yourself in real isolation. 

The trekking itself is not too difficult - hilly, of course - and the paths are easy to follow with just a few fundamental rules, such as always allowing a yak right of way. The altitude is what makes the trekking more challenging but a slow pace and a good acclimatisation place which we provide, will give you the best chance of a safe and enjoyable holiday. Just remember it's not a race! Trekking in Nepal is about embracing the culture of the people and immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the mountains.