Guided mountain climbs

We provide professionally guided mountain climbs and expeditions around the world, chosen for their variety and quality, offering all sorts of adventures for both the aspiring and experienced climber. All of our guides are all qualified and highly experienced and we have an excellent track record of professionalism and safety. 

We also specialise in tailor made mountain trips and guided itineraries in all the greater ranges. 

We are a mountain guiding company operating since 1991, so you will find a wealth of knowledge and experience and practical support in the preparation for your trip. We do employ lots of local guides and we provide investment for their training, and most of them have been working for us for over ten years. Our service is based on an ethos of professionalism and responsible tourism, we want our destinations to be protected for the future as much as we want them to be enjoyed now. 

We offer guided mountain climbs to many of the world’s highest peaks. We have guided trips to five of the Seven Summits stretching across the globe. Our climbs cover everything from technical terrain to a strenuous trek. For some of our more challenging climbs see our Mount Everest Expedition or one a multi-pitch route we offer up the imposing Mount Kenya.

If you are looking to further your mountaineering skills at altitude, but aren’t quite ready to take on the world’s toughest peaks consider exploring South America with Adventure Alternative. Stand on the tallest mountain in the America’s with us atop Mount Aconcagua. Or head to Bolivia and bag two peaks: Pequeno Alpamayo and Huayna Potosi. We also offer a chance to summit the highest active volcano in the world, Mount Ojos del Salado.

Perhaps you are just getting started with mountain climbs and you’d like to experience climbing in another country. We offer climbs for beginner skill levels and we would love to show you the world’s most beautiful summits. We offer several routes up Mt Elbrus for various skill levels. Nepal also offers several different summit options for those looking to stand tall in the Himalaya. Island Peak, although considered a trekking peak in Nepal, is a great beginner climb.

For those looking to bag the Seven Summits, we offer guided trips to five of those mountains. Although we have touched on many of them already, we also offer three different routes up the Roof of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. To experience the wild unknown climb Cartensz Pyramid or Puncak Jaya on the Indonesian island of West Papua.

Whether you are a mountaineering pro or looking to get your feet wet, we have climbs for all experience levels. Combine a trek with a safari or cultural encounter. Take in all of the amazingly beautiful places this world has to offer with Adventure Alternative.

Company owner Gavin Bate has been a mountain leader to the Greater Ranges for over twenty years and has led six expeditions to Mount Everest among many other high altitude climbing trips and polar expeditions. Gavin is always on hand to discuss your climbing plans and offer friendly advice.