Wildlife Safaris

We run wildlife safaris to a number of the world's most famous safari locations in Africa, Asia and South East Asia including the Maasai Mara and Serengeti, the Ngorongoro crater and the rainforests of Borneo.

We specialise in personal itineraries for families, honeymoons and bespoke clients. We can offer camping or lodge safaris, and we have the expertise on the ground to manage expectations and deliver a very special wildlife adventure safari. We have our own offices, vehicles and staff in all countries where we operate and we have the expertise and experience to provide proper advice on the right itinerary depending on what you want to see and experience. There are many different types of safaris, and we would like to match your expectations with reality. 

The Swahili word for journey, "safari", was first used in Kenya. and it has become synonymous with herds of wildlife scattered over the savannah plains with the distinctive spread of the acacia tree and the bright red of the Masai blanket. Kenya has a developed tourist industry, whereas the west side of Tanzania is more remote. But both are year round destinations and home to some of the finest and most famous wildlife spots in Africa. From the semi-arid areas of northern Kenya to the richness of the Rift Valley, your holiday here is sure to be memorable. 

Wildlife safaris extend beyond Africa though, and we also run bespoke trips to Borneo, home of the orangutan and the worlds richest diversity of plant life, insect life and birdlife. Gliding on the rivers by longboat at dawn is an extraordinary experience, alive with the sounds and smells of the jungle.

Do call us for an initial chat about wildlife safaris in East Africa or Borneo, we can be sure to help you with your plans.