Tanzania Climb of Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and Wildlife Safaris

Trips in Tanzania

Tanzania is best known for hosting Africa's highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro, and famous safari locations such as Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti. There are also many other possibilities for treks and adventures as well as interacting with the local communities on our charity trips. Tanzania evokes imagery of wide open spaces and ancient tribal cultures. In fact, pre-human remains have been found here that date back over two million years.

Dar es Salaam, the old capital, is Tanzania’s largest city with just over four million inhabitants. At the crossroads of some of the most-trafficked sea ports in the world, it East Africa’s second busiest port.

Most travellers who come to Tanzania will stop in Arusha. Sitting near the base of Mt Meru, Arusha is the safari and climbing capital of this fantastic nation. Just stepping out into the street gives one a sense of the vibrancy and flair of this safari town. Hawkers and touts shout their wares to passerby’s.  The lush green forests close in on this bustling town. The higher altitude (1300m) keeps the climate pleasant. A town catered towards the intrepid, it boasts fantastic spots to eat and sleep before heading out into the savannah.

Just outside of Arusha lies two fantastic peaks begging to be climbed. Mount Kilimanjaro and its little sister Meru Peak offer fantastic opportunities to see a bird’s eye view of Tanzania. Adventure Alternative offers climbs to both of these peaks.

Mount Meru, Kilimanjaro’s baby sister is an active volcano near Arusha. A great acclimatizer for Africa’s highest peak or as a standalone climb, Meru boasts fantastic views of nearby Kilimanjaro as well as the many smaller volcanic cones in the area.

Kilimanjaro is better known as the roof of Africa. Standing 5,895m tall it is the highest point in Africa. As one of the Seven Summits, it’s a must-climb for anyone looking to stand on the tallest points on every continent. Adventure Alternative offers several different options for this iconic peak. The Machame Route comes in at the most popular accounting for around 30% of the visitors to the mountain. The Lemosho Route provides extra days for acclimatizing. As every mountaineer knows, no climb can be done without proper acclimatization, some need more time than others and building in an extra day never hurt.

Adventure Alternative also offers climbs up the Rongai Route of Kilimanjaro. Rongai is known for being the less traveled route and is perfect for people looking to climb during the rainy season. We offer climbs for charity as well where we support the efforts of our sister organization Moving Mountains. We even offer a trip with a volunteer component to it. Climb to the top of Africa and give back to the local community along the way. 

Some of most stunning creatures in the world call Tanzania home. No holiday to this country is complete without some time spent on safari. Tanzania contains 16 national parks designed to protect the beautiful flora and fauna that call this slice of earth home. For a chance to see the big five (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhino) head out onto the savannah and bounce along on safari.

If you’ve just gotten off the summit of Kilimanjaro our Ngorongoro Crater safari provides the perfect itinerary to unwind, relax, and discover the beautiful wildlife of the Great Rift Valley. The Ngorongoro is a sight to behold, nearly 19km wide it’s one of the largest craters that isn’t filled with water. Insode its steep walls house an incredible collection of wildlife. Flamingos flock to Lake Magadi during the rainy season. Predators and prey alike come together in the crater’s many watering holes. The crater contains both swamps and permanent springs, which keep the animals in the area year-round.

Here at Adventure Alternative we want you to experience the beauty of an Africa Safari. We offer safari holidays to the Serengeti. Our ten day package selects the best of Arusha National Park, Tarangire Park, Ngorongoro Crate and Highlands as well as Lake Manyara and the Serengeti itself. Be wowed by all of the diverse wildlife and landscape.

All of the climbing and safaris might have you exhausted. The journey doesn’t have to stop. Head to the islands of Zanzibar off of Tanzania’s coast. This semi-autonomous archipelago contains two larger islands and several small islands for your enjoyment. Located 23 miles from the mainland, this island is a world away. It contains its own politics, religion, culture and food. Arrival is by boat or by Cessna, depending on your preference. Once you arrive you are immediately greeted by the friendly islanders.

Stone Town lies at the heart of Zanzibar and also has UNESCO cultural heritage status. The maps and street names are confusing, and not used often here, so it’s best to just get lost and enjoy the ambiance. There are many options for accommodation on the islands with every traveler in mind. Some of East Africa’s most posh resorts reside here. Head to Nungwi and Kendwa if you seek a beach escape with other Westerners. For a more local experience check out the quiet towns of Bwejuu or Jambiani.

Zanzibari food embraces the flavors of the world. Due to the archipelago’s unique location, culinary influences come from all over. Arabian, Indian, Chinese and Portuguese cuisines meet African influences to create mouth watering meals. For a unique dining experience check out Stone Town after the sun has set. Beat the heat and enjoy delicious street eats with locals, just be sure to avoid shellfish at this time, as it has often been sitting out all day.

Tanzania offers an authentic African experience with plenty of opportunity for adventure and discovery. Stand tall on the highest point in Africa, Kilimanjaro. Discover the vibrant wildlife of the Serengeti. Get on island time and leave it all behind on the island of Zanzibar. Experience Tanzania’s wonders with Adventure Alternative.