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An adventure holiday in Borneo would have to include the rainforests, white-sand beaches, rocky peaks and the unique tribal communities who call it home. The incredible biodiversity of this ancient jungle makes its a prime destination for wildlife expeditions in Borneo. In fact, it's is the second most biodiverse spot on the planet after the Amazon Rainforest. Talk about some diversity! Scientists discover new species regularly in the untracked dense jungle. From rare orchids, to the lovable orang utan, nothing quite beats a Borneo adventure holiday for its wealth of natural beauty!

The island of Borneo is the third largest non-continental island in the world after Greenland and New Guinea. Located in Southeast Asia it is divided into three nations; the small country of Brunei off of the central part of the north coast, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Although both Indonesia and Malaysia have land masses elsewhere, they both claim parts of this magnificent island. Malaysia has two regions in the north, the states of Sabah and Sarawak. Indonesia claims about two thirds of the island in the south. This part of Indonesia is also known as the state of Kalimantan.

Kuching, the capital of the state of Sarawak in the south, is a great home base for Borneo adventures. Located along the Sarawak River, Kuching keeps a laid back atmosphere. Farmers from nearby jungle plots bring their wares to a central market every day. Kuching means cat in Malay and this city even has a museum dedicated to the felines. One thing not to miss while visiting Kuching is their seafood hawker center. It is an entire mall dedicated to all things seafood. With the ocean just a few kilometers away, you can enjoy the fresh catch of the day.

Sarawak is home to many of Borneo’s national parks and is a popular destination for adventure tours to Borneo. Bako National Park, a short distance from the state capital of Kuching, offers an amazing opportunity to see where the ocean meets the jungle. The only way into the park is by boat. Cruise through the meandering jungle rivers. The boat docks where the river meets the sea. You begin your journey surrounded by mangrove forests. With many options for day hiking as well as the opportunity to trek longer distances, this park has an adventure for everyone.

Mulu National Park to the north of Sarawak has one of the most unique landscapes in all of Borneo. Sharp grey rock pinnacles stretch up into the sky and pierce the skyline like a handful of sharp needles. The Mulu cave system is one of the most impressive in the world. Explore this other-wordly landscape. Spot several species of monkey living among the rocks. Trek to the far-flung Penan Tribe in Sarawak to discover hidden waterfalls, primary rainforest and visit a community reforestation project with these original jungle experts. Every tour gives back to the local community reforestation project with these original jungle experts.

Our holidays cater to a range of travellers, from active couples, solo explorers or Borneo family holidays. They include wildlife tours, Borneo jungle treks and personalised itineraries. As the only company with permits to the renowned Deramakot Forest Reserve, wildlife lovers will enjoy their 4x4 safaris far from any crowds. With most of the population living on the coast, once you get away from the tourist path you will quickly feel as though you are lost in a sea of jungle vegetation. For those looking for a challenge, our Maliau Basin treks and Mount Kinabalu climbs offer some classic Borneo trekking and allow guests to discover a lost world or see sunrise from above the clouds, all while taking on these challenging yet rewarding experience holidays.

Kota Kinabalu, the capital of the state of Sabah to the north offers up coastal activities. Diving and snorkeling in this area is some of the best in Borneo. You can even get your PADI certification in the areas surrounding this town. There are ample opportunities for beach discovery. Kota Kinabalu also contains a turtle sanctuary, where turtles are welcome to come and nest under the protection of volunteers. Like all cities in Malaysia, there is a vibrant night market here.

Borneo is not only known for its biodiversity, but also for its cultural diversity. Adventure Alternative offers Borneo adventure holidays that allow travelers to immerse themselves in the diverse cultures of Borneo. We work very closely with local communities to provide authentic homestay experiences. Visit the remote Murut communities, one of the last headhunting tribes of Borneo. Perhaps you would prefer to sail into the mouth of the Kinabatangan River to stay in this wildlife hotspot with the Abai village, taking wildlife river safaris with local Abai guides.

Kalimantan covers the southern two-thirds of the island of Borneo. Largely undeveloped, this large stretch of jungle can be difficult to navigate. Knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) is a must. Also, due to the lack of development, build in extra time to get from place to place. However, the adventurous traveler can certainly find stunning beauty in this remote area. Cruise upriver through dense jungles and stay with the Dayak people. Or visit one of the national parks and spot a wild orangutan.

Get in touch with your wild side and explore this magnificently diverse island of Borneo. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our Borneo adventures below, we have experienced and knowledgeable staff who specialise in creating bespoke holidays to Borneo, from family holidays to luxury honeymoons, we work with you to design a personalised Borneo Adventure.