Countries and Regions

Countries and regions

We offer lots of adventures around the world in all sorts of countries and regions, from jungle to desert and mountain to sea. Our adventures are chosen for being wonderful places to visit and experience the beauty of nature and the wonder of different cultures. At the same time they are stimulating and challenging and transformative experiences. 

Company owner Gavin Bate started the company in 1991 during many years of travelling and wandering and climbing, initially choosing places he made home for a while, in particular Kenya and Nepal. His background and experiences in international development led him to start the company with an ethos towards helping the local people in the destinations. Gavin is also a high altitude climber and international mountain leader and has led six expeditions to climb Mount Everest. He has personally worked with and trained all the staff, and offers practical experienced advice to all our clients about their upcoming holiday. 

Gradually the company has expanded to cover a lot of countries and regions of the world, and in many destinations the model has been to invest in a local destinational management company (DMC) and try to ensure they have the training to maintain the standards that we and our clients expect. Over time each of these local companies builds its own brand and is able to be financially self-sustainable.