We offer lots of adventures around the world in all sorts of countries and regions, from jungle to desert and mountain to sea. Our adventures are chosen for being wonderful places to visit and experience the beauty of nature and the wonder of different cultures. At the same time, they are stimulating and challenging and transformative experiences. 

Company owner Gavin Bate started the company in 1991 during many years of travelling, wandering and climbing, initially choosing places he made home for a while, in particular Kenya and Nepal. His background and experiences in international development led him to start the company with an ethos towards helping the local people in the destinations. Gavin is also a high altitude climber and international mountain leader and has led six expeditions to climb Mount Everest. He has personally worked with and trained all the staff, and offers practical experienced advice to all our clients about their upcoming holiday. 

Gradually the company has expanded to cover a lot of countries and regions of the world, and in many destinations the model has been to invest in a local destinational management company (DMC) and try to ensure they have the training to maintain the standards that we and our clients expect. Over time each of these local companies builds its own brand and is able to be financially self-sustainable. 

If you dream of lush jungles and vibrant wildlife, you must check out our tours to Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua. We will take you into the heart of the ancient jungles of Borneo where you will be immersed in tribal culture and jungle wildlife. Feel as if you’ve gone to another world on our remote tours in Papua. Connect with wildlife on our Borneo wildlife tour.

If dramatic mountain vistas are what you seek then you’ve come to the right place. Adventure Alternative offers trekking and peak climbing on four separate continents. The Andes offer dramatic views and steep climbs. We climb in three different countries in South America: Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

For the iconic high alpine experience simply head to the Himalaya. Nepal is the climbing and trekking mecca. Stand tall among the mighty Himalaya and experience the welcoming culture of the Nepalese people. We have treks and climbs for every skill level. If you are short on time, trek to the iconic Poonhill to watch the sunrise over the fishtail mountain. Follow in Sir Edmond Hilary and Tenzing Norgay’s footsteps on our Jiri to Everest Trek. Or climb one of the many peaks in Nepal. Surround yourself with the beauty and drama of the Himalaya. We also run trips to the north side of Everest which is in Tibet (or China) and in this part of the world you can also visit Mount Kailash, and we also offer trips to climb Muztagh Ata in the Xinjiang province of western China.

Trek through the great mountains of Africa with Adventure Alternative. Combine your trek with a cultural or wildlife experience. We offer trips to Morocco, Tanzania and Kenya. Experience Berber life in the high villages of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Stand on the Roof of Africa on Mount Kilimanjaro then explore the incredible culture and wildlife on the savannah. Trek to the unique region of Mt Kenya, then experience the awe and wonder of the Great Rift Valley.

We also offer excellent mountain tours in Europe. Our trips to Spain, Russia, France and Bulgaria highlight the best of Europe’s mountains. For a lesser-known destination head to the Sierra Nevada’s of Spain. If you want to tackle one of the Seven Summits head to Mt Elbrus in Russia. Or explore the prominent volcanoes of Kamchatka. Experience iconic European trekking on our Tour de Mount Blanc trek. Or explore the mighty Balkans of Bulgaria.

Here at Adventure Alternative we pride ourselves on making your adventure experience unforgettable. If you still can’t decide where to go, feel free to drop us a line, we would be happy to help you plan your perfect adventure.