Climbing Tours in Chile

Chile promises a world of adventures with its immensely long access to the high Andes and the west coast of Latin America running from its Northern border with Peru, down to Patagonia near the southern tip of the continent. This long, skinny country dominates the west coast of South America and is predominately mountainous.

Being such a long, skinny country that ends at the Pacific Ocean it should come as no surprise that Chile has nearly 6,500km of coastline. Although most of the coast contains rugged cliffs that abruptly meet the sea, there are a few beach spots worth a look. Vina del Mar is the premier beach resort in Chile with delicious seafood to battle the icy cold waters. Zappallar appeals to the luxury travel crowd, while Pichilemu is a surfer's paradise. For a more tropical feel head north to Bahia Inglesa.

Its highest point, Ojos del Salado, is the highest active volcano in the world sits on the Chile-Argentina border and accessed by a superb drive across the Atacama Desert. Ojos del Salado is located in Northern Chile. Its proximity to the Atacama Desert means that conditions are usually quite dry on the peak with the exception of the winter months. Adventure Alternative offers climbs up this stunning peak. Ojos del Salado offers an opportunity to climb to high altitudes with little technical ability. The climb culminates with a 30m v.diff climbing segment that uses fixed ropes.

A bit further south from Ojos del Salado lies the regions that make up Central Chile. This region boasts some of the best wine in the world. If sipping on red wine is not your thing, you can chase some powder at some of the best ski resorts in the southern hemisphere.

The journey south continues to the southern region of Chile. Also known as Chile’s Lake District, this region boasts fabulous farmland, dense forests, active volcanoes covered in snow, and crystal-clear lakes. If you’re looking to relax in some beautiful lakeside scenery don’t miss the Siete Lagos. For your nature fix the Parque Nacional Puyehue offers non-stop volcanic peak peeping.

In the extreme south of Chile lies the region of Patagonia. Famous for its sky-piercing peaks and granite slab walls call trekkers, climbers, and adventure addicts from all over the world. The O, W and Q trekking circuits in Torres del Paine National Park are world-renowned for their beautiful views and are famous areas for trekking in Chile. Continuing further south still you will reach Tierra del Fuego or the “Land of Fire.” This famed archipelago is where Ferdinand Magellan rounded the southern tip of the Americas.  

For those interested in experiencing isolation along with an ancient culture steeped in mystery head to the remote Easter Island. Known as Rapa Nui by the locals, these are the most isolated islands on Earth. Well known for their giant stone statues, this island is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Chile’s unique shape gives this country is varied climates and one of a kind natural wonders. Come explore the beauty and wonder of Chile with Adventure Alternative and climb the world’s highest active volcano.

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