Company director

Castro has been the Director of AA Tanzania for over ten years now and is well known and respected in Moshi. From Zulu descent, his infectious laugh and calm manner has been a big help to many hundreds of our clients over the years. He also understands the company ethos of looking after the staff well and is a popular employer in the town. With our support he is able to pay excellent salaries, provide training in first aid and altitude, and ensure that everyone is happy in their job. 

Castro was once a porter himself when Gavin first met him, he then worked for a rather undesirable character in Moshi managing trips on the mountain and eventually set up the company with our injection of capital support. He now has a guesthouse in the town and has made a good living from the mountain. He has also been to Ireland several times on travel shows and has expanded his operations to our school trips on the slopes of the mountain.