Our Borneo treks and wildlife holidays cover a range of regions, cultures and activities in both Sabah and Sarawak. Famous for its diverse and rare flora and fauna, the Borneo rain forests are home to over 15,000 plants and animals, including the famous Orang Utan. For travellers looking for a unique Borneo trek, Sabahs Lost World trip will tick all the boxes. Travelling off the beaten track, this trip visits remote Murut homestays before delving deep into the Maliau Basin. A nature lovers dream, the Maliau Basin is a wonderland of ancient rainforest, wild flora and cascading waterfalls.

The Sabah Wildlife Adventure is a moderately physical trip with some Borneo trekking. You will visit a variety of wildlife spotting destinations, from the Kinabatangan River to Lupa Masa Jungle Camp. This is a great trip for solo travellers, couples and families looking for an exciting overland trip traversing the length of Sabah!

The Penan Tribe Adventure is fantastic trip for anyone wanting to combine their Borneo Trekking adventure with an authentic cultural experience. Visiting the remote Penan tribe, you will embark on several challenging Borneo trekking days with the original jungle experts.

Trekking in Borneo

Borneo is a rugged island in the Malay archipelago of Southeast Asia and is geopolitically shared by Malaysia (the states of Sabah and Sarawak), Indonesia (Kalimantan) and the nation of Brunei. It is home to an extremely diverse range of wildlife and boasts wonderful beaches, ancient rainforest, striking mountains and all surrounded by the ocean with some of the finest diving in the world. Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak on the island, is actually a batholith, which is a plug of volcanic magma which erupted through the crust of the earth many millennia ago. 

To visit Borneo and go on a trek in the jungle is a unique experience, to stand still for just a few minutes and listen to the wildlife around you in the pristine environment of a primary rainforest is a remarkable moment to savor and remember. Perhaps one of the most exciting experiences is a night hike with a guide, the cacophony of sound is quite overwhelming. Getting up early to go on a boat ride along the river watching the wildlife so active at that time is another 'bucket list' experience. 

It's important to acclimatise to the heat and humidity before a trek in Borneo, it can be tiring and you don't cover much ground in a day. The trails can be muddy but there's always a waterfall nearby to cool off in and wash yourself. Then, when you come to one of the many villages hidden in the forested valleys, you are welcomed with warmth and curiosity. Every village has a house set aside for guests and you can enjoy the typical food of the indigenous tribes. Going into these regions feels very special, some of the tribes have only recently come into contact with the outside world. It is important that tourism benefits them. It is also vital that our treks here can show the visitor the fragility and value and beauty of the forest, the lungs of the planet, which will hopefully encourage people to come home and protect them.