Climbing in the Andes Mountains

One of the world's great mountain ranges, the Andes form the spine of the south American continent running 7000 kilometres with peaks in Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia & Venezuela. The highest peak of all the climbs in the Andes and the highest in South America,and indeed the highest mountain in the world outside the Himalayas is Mount Aconcagua in Argentina. We offer guided climbs on both major routes of this peak, and the main season is from December to the end of February. We run one trip per year normally, taking it in turns to tackle either the Horcones or the Vacas Valley side. Group sizes are normally about ten, and our trips use base camp services and mules as far as base camp, after which the teams are self-sufficient.  

Meanwhile the Cordillera Real in Bolivia are a great destination for the less experienced climber at high altitude looking for other peaks in the Andes. There are no peak fees or permits as in Nepal and the spectacular peaks are easily accessed from La Paz. Trekking is a delight and it does feel like the convenience of the European Alps has met the grandeur of the more remote and higher Greater Ranges. The mountain range lies between the Altiplano plateau and the Amazon rainforest, the climate is generally stable and very pleasant and you can combine your trip with a visit to Lake Tititcaca. Pequeno Alpamayo and Huayna Potosi are two of the popular peaks in this range, the standard routes are not highly technical but they are mountains of real character and quality. The season is from May to September when there is typically stable snow and minimal precipitation. We run trips to these peaks every year, providing qualified guided support and training for teams of up to twelve.