We offer a selection of great walks and treks around the world, professionally guided and with an emphasis on sustainable tourism and good business practises. Our guides are qualified, experienced and fun, and we have our own companies in each country. For many years we have been organising trekking holidays for all age groups and pride ourselves on a high standard and an excellent track record. 

The treks we run are normally quite feasible for a fit person used to some hillwalking and familiar with being out in the hills. Most trips use porters or staff of some kind to assist with carrying of bags. We also provide all the group equipment necessary, such as tents. A lot of the treks involve staying in huts or lodges so there is a good level of comfort. We also spend a lot of time preparing people for their holiday, making sure that expectations are met and being honest with the information we put on our website and marketing material. All our staff are regular hillwalkers and outdoor people so you will find a kindred spirit when you make a phone call and ask for some advice. 

Choosing a trek may seem like a daunting task. However, you can quickly narrow down your options by thinking about what your perfect trekking experience entails.

Keep in mind how much time you have in country, and it is always a good idea to book an extra day or two into your itinerary to account for any unexpected delays while trekking. Think about what kind of climate you would prefer to trek in. Are you looking for stunning vistas or wildlife viewing? Perhaps you would like to add a cultural element to your trek. Use these elements to start narrowing down where you would like to go.

If dense jungles and mystical rainforest are what you seek then you must head to Borneo. Borneo hosts one of the most ancient jungles on the planet. For wildlife around every corner, including the famous orangutan, check out our Borneo Wildlife Tour. To feel as if you have stepped into another world explore our Wild Borneo Trek. We take you into the heart of Sarawak to visit the Penan tribe and search for wild orangutan.

Do you dream of big mountain vistas? Lay eyes on the gravity-defying peaks of the Himalaya on one of our many treks through Nepal. The Gokyo Lakes Trek offers one of the most stunning panoramas in the Everest Region. Short on time? Watch the sunrise over the Himalaya on our iconic Poonhill Trek. We also offer treks to many of the base camps in the Himalaya.

We also offer trekking options in both East and North Africa. Our Moroccan Atlas treks combine fantastic hospitality and Berber culture as we trek from village to village in the Atlas Mountains. Or trek through the wild regions surrounding Mt Kenya on one of our East African Treks.

If you love the Alps then we’ve got you covered. One of the most beautiful trekking experiences lies in the heart of the French Alps on our Tour du Mont Blanc trek. We also offer several Russian-based treks including the opportunity to explore the remote Kamchatka Volcanoes.

Whatever your perfect trek entails, we have you covered at Adventure Alternative.