We offer a range of Morocco trekking holidays, mostly in the Mount Toubkal and M'goun area. In winter, the peaks are blanketed in snow but in summer there are endless opportunities for trekking through the Berber villages and getting an insight into the culture of this north African country. From camping trips to luxury holidays in Morocco staying in five-star mountain lodges such as Kasbah du Toubkal, the trips can be suited to your dates and needs.


Mount Toubkal Trekking

Mount Toubkal stands 4,167m tall, making it the tallest mountain in the Atlas Mountain range, North Africa, and the Arab World. Located outside of the vibrant city of Marrakesh, this trekking peak is an excellent excursion with easy access to nearby cities. We even offer itineraries that include Atlas mountain trekking with the Mount Toubkal Peak as well. The route is straightforward, anyone with regular hill walking experience will enjoy this fantastic Toubkal ascent, summit trek.

Adventure Alternative offers climbs of Mt Toubkal in both the winter and summer. The summer route is simply hiking, atlas trekking, while the winter route , Toubkal winter, requires the use of an ice axe and crampons. No previous experience with these tools is required, as we are able to teach you all of the skills you will need on the mountain, Toubkal climb.

Mount Toubkal - Winter (9)

Trekking up the South Cwm of Toubkal in the winter requires the use of traction and an axe. Climb Toubkal. Seeing the sunrise from the top of the peak is a stunning experience.

Both routes utilize a less-trafficked route up the mountain, so you will feel like you are in the heart of the wilderness instead of in a queue up the mountain. Both itineraries start in the town of Imlil. We then head up to the Tamsoult Refuge where we will have the opportunity to summit Aguelzim or Buidoudan, two nearby peaks. Next, we continue upwards to the Nelter Refuge. Here we make our summit bid up the South Cwm of Toubkal, or you can complete both in a traverse trek..

Trekking in the Mgoun Region of Morocco

The Mgoun area is less visited but no less beautiful for its surrounding panorama, a classic Atlas peak and a great trekking challenge that can be completed in as a day trek, days hiking, from the base camp. We can provide the trekking elements of your holiday, but we can also take you to the desert to see some of the famous desert cities and go camel riding if you wish, or to the coast where sea sports and activities await. Morocco really does have a wealth of tourist adventure activities, it's a fantastic experience. 

Atlas Mountains - M'Goun Trek (2)

The rugged ridge line of the Mgoun Massif provides plenty of drama as a backdrop for this trek.

Berber Village Trekking Experiences

Our Berber village trekking route takes you to the heart of the Berber culture and people. This trek hops from village to village for a chance to experience the unique Berber way of life. Traditional herders and weavers, the Berbers have existed in North Africa dating back thousands of years. Berber people are known to cook up some excellent cuisine including couscous, Pastill or meat pie and Tajine stews. Well known for their hospitality, the Berbers are a welcoming bunch. Immerse yourself in the Berber way of life on this low altitude trek through the traditional villages, great family holidays.

Toubkal Valley - Berber Villages Trek (3)

Typical Berber architecture nestled among the rocky Atlas Mountains.

Anti Atlas

The Anti-Atlas extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest toward the northeast, to the heights of Ouarzazate and further east to the city of Tafilalt, altogether a distance of approximately 500 km. The range borders on the Sahara to the south. The Anti-Atlas is a desolate world of rocky outcrops and lunar landscapes where the contrasts are extreme. Most of the land is dry and barren, but water gathers and runs in some remote places, forming clear basins. Villages in the area are limited to a few small houses surrounded by palm trees. The Anti Atlas is considered separate from the Atlas Mountains system, as the term "anti" implies.

Luxury Trekking Experiences in Morocco

Morocco offers great hospitality to be enjoyed and also plenty of luxury. We work with the world-famous Kasbah du Toubkal if you want a five star experience in one of the best small hotels in the world, and there you can enjoy a hammam to wash away the dust of the day, fantastic Moroccan food and amazing views of the peaks, Kasbah du Toubkal is the place to stay. Further up in the mountains we can also offer a luxury mountain lodge with underfloor heating and its own hammam and comfortable beds. Our luxury trek can be customized to fit the right itinerary for you. Enjoy this trek while climbing Toubkal or experience luxury in Berber villages.


Live in luxury during your trek. Explore the unique gardens of the opulent Kasbahs in the Atlas Mountain Range.

Additional Excursions in Morocco

Additionally, your holiday can include a visit to the desert for a desert trek, some camel riding or quad riding and sahara tours, or a visit to famous waterfalls or mosques, all of which are close to the main mountain tourism centre of Imlil. Indeed, there is also a skiing resort nearby which has a good selection of runs and an excellent infrastructure. Added to that lovely food, renowned hospitality and the exotic atmosphere of a souk on a late night in Marrakech, and Morocco really has a lot to offer. It is safe and the trekking is marvellous. Morocco is well set up for adventure tourism.

Best Time to Trek in Morocco

Unlike many of the world’s trekking holidays, treks in Morocco can be enjoyed all year round, Valley trek, Toubkal trek, atlas valley trek, Toubkal circuit, days trekking. In the summer, temperatures tend to be very hot. Although the mountains experience slightly cooler temperatures than the lowland cities, it is still quite hot so be sure to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun. During the winter months, the mountains see snow, which can be quite the experience while travelling in a desert country.

Mount Toubkal - Summer (8)

Looking up at Mount Toubkal during the summer trekking season. Although it is summer there can still be some snow on the mountain.

Difficulty Level of Trekking in Morocco

Trekking in Morocco is not too arduous, the routes are never too long and the enjoyment of a refreshing glass of mint tea at the end of the day is a welcome finish to a hike in the Atlas Mountains. The terrain is mountainous but not precipitous, paths that are used by local people and routes over passes that have been around for millennia. The hiking scene in Morocco is very popular and there is a definite exotic flavour to the experience. In the summer, it is very hot in the cities and in the mountains it is important to be careful of the sun, and cover up. The local mountain people are well used to the desert like conditions and they have adapted well to the climate but for a first-time visitor trekking in Morocco needs to be treated with caution. 

Mount Toubkal and Atlas Trek (4)Mount Toubkal - Winter

A look at Mount Toubkal trekking during the winter months. Experience winter and the desert in one excursion.

What to Pack to for Trekking in Morocco

As always, it’s important to bring layers while trekking in the atlas valley region, even in the desert. A shell for the top and bottom is helpful for wind and rain. Base layers and insulating layers will help keep you warm during the cooler nights, especially in the winter. Long-sleeved, lightweight base layers are also helpful for minimizing sun exposure. 

Since Morocco is mainly a desert environment, the sun and heat can be extremely intense. When trekking in the atlas, atlas mountains trek, having proper protection from the sun is essential. Pack plenty of sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and lightweight, UV protecting layers.


The famous Toubkal Kasbah. Enjoy stunning mountain scenery and high luxury in Morocco.

If you are opting to do Mount Toubkal, mountain trek, you will also want to bring a sleeping bag and mat for camping at the refuge. If you are travelling with us in winter, you will need a boot that can take a crampon. You can rent or bring your own ice axe, boots, and crampons. You will also want to pack for both cold, high alpine and desert climates.

Overall trekking in Morocco is a fantastic experience. It is a lesser-trekked area compared to other parts of the world, allowing you to have an authentic experience and glimpse into North African life and scenery.

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