We have a lot of experience organising family adventure holidays to our main destinations of Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal, Morocco and Borneo where we have offices, vehicles, and full time staff in place. We can plan and run family multi activity holidays and adventure tours.  You can visit one of the Moving Mountains projects at a school in Kenya or a mountain village in Nepal. Below is just a selection of ideas but we tend to specialise mostly in bespoke itineraries to suit.

Activity holidays for families

For twenty years we have been running adventure holidays to many parts of the world and we have specialized in taking school groups, small groups and families, and also honeymoons. Our specialty is providing a personal service with lots of advice and personal attention in designing the perfect itinerary.

We are also an award-winning company for responsible travel. We employ local tour leaders, support community projects in Kenya and Nepal through our charity Moving Mountains. From healthcare to education and environmental conservation, we're dedicated to supporting the communities we visit. 

cocker range borneo biking holiday.jpg
The stunning mountain ranges of Borneo, lush, green, and prime for exploring!

Choosing activity holidays for families

Negotiating the logistics of a big family activity holiday can seem like a daunting task. With so many different tastes, ages, and skills to account for, it’s nearly impossible to go it alone. Most of the holidays we offer can be personalised for family travel. We can connect you with the perfect summer holiday which is family friendly.

When thinking about holidays for families think about room allocation (how many children in one room and could a young child share with parents?) and position (adjoining or not), and of course budget. Many hotels offer family rooms too but for a family with teenagers you might want children to have some privacy.

Think too about climate, a family holiday to Borneo is a great experience and very manageable but it does take time to acclimatise to the heat and humidity, on top of jet lag. It's a good idea to opt initially for rooms with AC where you can all rest after the flight and get ready for going on a jungle trip.

Kenya Safari (1)

Explore Kenya with the Masai people.

Another thing to consider is the type of experience you are looking for. Is your family focused on nature, unique world cultures, physical activity such as hiking, or wildlife viewing? Sometimes the answer to these questions might not be all that obvious. We are always here to help. Contact us and we will help you build the perfect family holiday.

Bespoke Family Tours with Adventure Alternative

We are more than happy to customize any of our offerings to fit your needs. We offer bespoke trips to Kenya, Borneo, and Tanzania. We can also customize itineraries to many of our popular trekking routes in both Nepal and Morocco, adding in extra days for relaxation and acclimatization.

Adventure Travel with Young Children

Traveling with young children is entirely possible with Adventure Alternative. Our Borneo Family Holiday is a perfect example of how we cater to everyone. Our trips include custom itineraries that suit the needs of your family depending on both your level of adventure, plus the comfort level of your children based on their ages and interests. We offer a range of activities from visiting national parks, to experiencing the local tribal culture, hunting wildlife, and relaxing on the coasts. Years of experience and local affiliations allow us to curate the perfect vacation for your family.

Group walking holidays

Family fun with Adventure Alternative.

Adventurous Family Holidays in Borneo

We offer several fantastic trips to Borneo. Each one can be privately booked for you and your family to enjoy. Trek through Sarawak and explore the Mulu Caves and Baku National Park. Explore the wild, remote jungle of Sabah in the Maliau Basin, where you and your family can partake in a homestay in Orou Sapulot. We have tours that focus on spotting wildlife, cultural excursions, or even family-oriented volunteer opportunities.

Borneo is located near the Equator, and therefore maintains a tropical climate year-round. Since the island is one of the oldest jungles in the world, expect humid and wet conditions. Rain often falls in bursts, so it isn’t like you will be constantly rained on. With that being said, the rainiest months are during the Monsoon season from October through February. It is still possible to travel to Borneo during this time, just expect a little more rain than usual. The “dry” season is from March until September but expect some rain.

sabahs lost world.jpg

See the jungle giants and explore the oldest rainforest on the planet.

Borneo is a fantastic choice for anyone who is looking for a wide breadth of tropical adventure activities. Exploring dense, untracked jungle, meeting and engaging with local tribes, spotting orangutans, or experiencing some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world, Borneo is an adventurer’s playground.

Family Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania

We have several safari options in the most beautiful spots of Tanzania and Kenya. You can join one of our suggested itineraries. For example, our Masai Mara safari. This four-day itinerary includes a visit with the Masai people, as well as ample opportunity for wildlife viewing in Kenya’s most prestigious national park. Itineraries can be extended with our seven-day tour that includes the Rift Valley.

Kenya Safari (8)

Holidays for families, spot wildlife and explore the beautiful landscapes of Kenya.

In Tnaznaia we offer trips to the Serengeti as well as the Ngorongoro Crater. Both of these itineraries hit the highlights of the stunningly beautiful region. We will roam among the lions, elephants, hippos and other stunning wildlife of the savannah. 

We will take you in a private vehicle where we will search for the Big Five and visit stunning vistas of the sprawling savannah. We will also have opportunities to visit with the local people of the area and catch a glimpse of tribal life on the savannah.

The best times to visit Kenya and Tanzania is during the dry season from June until October. The Great Migration, an incredible natural phenomenon where millions of wildebeests and zebra migrate across the Serengeti to the Masai Mara happens is a sight to behold. It is an ongoing loop where these incredible creatures migrate from the Tanzania to Kenya. June and July are the best times to view this spectacular event in Tanzania. If you prefer to see Kenya, the best time is from June until October. Overall, the dry season from June until October is the best time to view wildlife as safari roads aren’t flooded, and the wildlife is in concentrated areas, making it easier to find.

Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorgoro Crater provides a stunning backdrop to the abundant wildlife that call this place home.

If you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, we are more than happy to create the perfect holiday for your family. Simply get in touch with us and let’s create some vacation magic!

Trekking in Nepal and Morocco for Families

We offer some excellent treks in both the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and the Himalayas of Nepal. Trekking is an amazing experience for children of all ages, including babies! We can also alter itineraries so younger trekkers can take their time on different routes. Trekking in the mountains with your family not only shows you the beauty of the mountains, but it also bonds you in physical exercise that’s really hard to describe.

Trekking through the mountains embodies a team spirit, where at the end of an intrepid walk, you not only feel a sense of accomplishment, but also a comradery with your fellow trekkers. This phenomenon is an amazing way to bring your family together.

Toubkal Valley - Berber Villages Trek

Trek with your family through the Toubkal Valley and experience Berber life in the Atlas Mountains.

Nepal has two major seasons for trekking, one season is known as the climbing season and this runs from March until May. This is when most mountaineers opt to climb 8,000m peaks and the mountains are abuzz with climbing expeditions. Temperatures are a bit colder than the trekking season, but the crowds are slightly less. The trekking season runs from September until November. The weather during this time of year is a bit warmer, and trekking trails are filled with fellow trekkers. Either season provides great weather for clear views of the stunning Himalaya.

Morocco’s trekking season is year-round. However, some people may find that trekking in mid-summer is quite unpleasant due to the extreme desert temperatures. Not to mention that our treks in Morocco include days exploring Marrakesh, which sits at a lower elevation and endures very hot summers. The best times to trek in Morocco will be during the milder months of winter or the shoulder seasons of spring and fall.

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek (1)

Nepal offers treks for all abilities. It is an iconic spot for trekking, and a great place for active families that like to hike.

So, what are you waiting for? If you're looking for an active holiday, family friendly, with lots of family activity, as your ‘normal’ summer holiday isn’t action packed enough, or you’re looking for holidays with teenagers plentiful of adventure tours to keep them active and happy. We at Adventure Alternative are well equipped to help design bespoke activity holidays for families. Family travel is a great way to spend important time together and create some truly amazing memories. Take the leap and plan an adventurous holiday for your family this year. Bond over a hike, spot wildlife, engage with local tribal communities and have a holiday you’ll cherish forever.