Climb Mount Kenya

There are a number of routes to the three different summits of Mount Kenya and we offer a variety of popular options with different options for the ascent and descent to Point Lenana. We do also offer climbs to the summits of Batian and Nelion for experienced climbers only.

We have been guiding trips on Mount Kenya since 1996 and have full time mountain staff at the base. Our expeditions here have been successful because of a proper approach to acclimatisation which means that the ascent is not rushed. Point Lenana is just under 5000 metres high, so we always allow four days minimum for the trekking peak of Point Lenana. 


The approach to Mount Kenya from Nairobi involved a car ride of about four hours to the nearest town of Naro Moru, where we stay in a local hotel. The town on the other side of the mountain is called Chogoria and it takes about the same time to reach. From each town, the road becomes a track to the park gate where you sign in and enter the National Park. Here there are plenty of wild animals so it's important to follow the rules. Camping is allowed but there are also huts, mostly privately owned. 

To climb Mount Kenya by the trekking route to Point Lenana is non-technical and a beautiful trek through different climatic zones, from lush bamboo forests to the glaciated tops. But to climb either Batian or Nelion peak requires a lot of rock climbing skill, and nowadays few people venture to these rocky summits.