We work alongside the Moving Mountains Trust to provide meaningful volunteering placements which have long term development aims and comply with the Fair Trade Volunteering principles. All of them deliver proper personal development. We make sure that these trips are determined by the charity and not by us, and we provide a clear and justifiable reason for volunteering. We also provide clear and transparent explanations of where the money goes and how we manage these development ideas.

Sustainable Volunteer Opportunities

All of our volunteering trips focus on bringing sustainable, ground-up growth to the communities we operate in. We do not aim to simply provide aid and leave, but instead, we focus on giving communities the skills they need to sustain themselves long-term. All of our volunteer efforts support this mission.

How Do I Get Involved?

We offer Several different trip types for those looking to get involved in volunteering with us. We offer trips to both Kenya and Nepal for volunteers to enjoy. Our trips also include additional add-ons to hike, safari, or tour in the different countries we operate in.


We are excited to have you join one of our projects.

How Long Do Volunteer Trips Last?

The duration of your trip is entirely up to you. We recommend spending a minimum of two weeks volunteering with us. We also recommend combining your time with some travel of your own. We would be happy to arrange any tours or trips to go along with your volunteering experience.

Who Volunteers?

We accommodate everyone interested in teaming up with Moving Mountains, from the individual to larger groups. We are more than happy to help you find the perfect volunteering trip for your interests, experience, and group size.

Volunteering in Kenya (7)

Working hard to paint some of our new buildings for a school in Kenya.

Volunteer Trips to Nepal

Our volunteer trip to Nepal immerses you in local Sherpa life. We work in the Solu Khumbu region, in several small villages. We have been engaged with those communities for over 20 years and it shows. Our close relationship allows you to become a part of the community during your stay.

Our projects focus on education, infrastructure, tourism, and health. Each of our projects aims to bring the community as a whole upward, providing more opportunity for future generations and empowering community leaders to create a better home for their peers. You will stay in local guesthouses, allowing the money spent on lodging to be directly received by local villages. This also opens the door for cultural exchange.

food and accommodation trek nepal.jpg

Volunteers experience a tea ceremony in the great Khumbu region of Nepal.

Volunteer Trips to Kenya

Our work in Kenya takes you to the rural and slum projects in some of the poorest regions of Kenya. Our work here is extremely important and we are currently building schools and clinics in these areas. 

Our projects are meant to sustain communities for generations to come. We do not build and leave, just to feel good about ourselves, but instead, we aim to embed ourselves in local communities and create relationships to last a lifetime.

Friends of Moving Mountains Kenya (9)

Friends of Moving Mountains hard at work with one of our buildings.

Medical Camps

If you are a medical student, nurse, or dentist looking for practical training, check out our medical camps in Nepal and Kenya. Both of these camps operate in rural areas, impacting the communities we work with directly. We not only focus on bringing clinics to hard-to-reach areas but also educating local communities on safe health practices.

Friends of Moving Mountains Nepal

Moving Mountains Nepal has been operating in the Khumbu region for over 20 years. We have built a strong community of individuals who are excited to work with you. Visit some of our projects in the rural regions of the Himalaya and immerse yourself in the Sherpa way of life.

Afterwards, you have the opportunity to go whitewater rafting and enjoy a jungle safari in Chitwan National Park. 

Bumburi School Grounds 02.JPG

Students and locals hanging out at the Bumburi school, one of our sister schools in Nepal.

Friends of Moving Mountains Kenya

Join us on a two-week trip to our Moving Mountains projects in Kenya. We aim to be different than the stereotypical volunteering trips in Africa. Many of the people we help, we hire later in life. Our staff is excited to meet you and share their Kenya with you.

You will be working on one of our projects and become a part of the community during your stay. We invite you to stay in our communal guest house in Ulamba and partake in everyday activities such as cooking, shopping, and preparing group meals. Work with children in Ulamba and be a part of shaping the lives of these wonderful children.

This trip also includes several excursions to nearby parks for spotting birds and other wildlife. You have the option to add additional excursions before or after your volunteering experience.

What Are Accommodations Like in Nepal and Kenya?

Safety is our primary concern with our clients. We ensure you have safe, comfy sleeping quarters every night. In Nepal, expect to stay in local lodges or teahouses. Accommodation is generally basic, with a twin shared room. Rooms do not have any heat, but plenty of blankets are provided. There is a central common area which is heated by a wood stove. Teahouses are communal places and offer the potential to meet locals and travelers alike. 

In Kenya, depending on group sizes, we would love to host you in our Ulamba Guest House. This guest house is associated with a children’s home. Accommodations are basic, but comfortable, with private twin accommodations and a common area. Bathrooms and sleeping areas are well maintained. Play with the children and engage with the local community.

Accommodation in Western Kenya (4)

Playing with children outside of Ulamba Guest House.

What Kind of Physical Shape Do I Need to be in to Volunteer?

In order to be a volunteer, you should be in good health. You will be active during this trip, but you do not need to be in tip-top shape. If you are traveling with us to Nepal, be aware that it will take a several day’s walk to reach the villages. You will need to be fit enough to be able to walk uphill for the entire day. We take plenty of breaks, but we will be walking for five to seven hours a day. 

What Should I Pack for my Volunteer Trip?

You will need clothes that are specific to the region you will be traveling to. We will send you a specific kit list for each trip. If you are going to a medical camp or elective, we ask that you bring your own coat and sanitary gloves.

For all volunteer trips, we suggest you bring cards, a book, or a communal game to enjoy during your downtime. Teaching and playing a game is a great way to connect with locals and other volunteers. For more specifics see our volunteering packing lists.

Come volunteer with us and enjoy an enriching, culturally immersive holiday of a lifetime.