Nepali Language

Nepali Language

Good morning - subha prabhat

Good afternoon - namaskar

Good evening - subha sandhya

Good night - subha ratri

 Welcome - swagatam

Hello/Goodbye - namaste

How are you? - tapaaii/timi lai kasto cha?

I'm fine, thanks. And you? - sanchai cha. tapaaiilaaii ni?

What's your name? tapaaiiko/timro naam ke ho?

My name is Dave - mero naam Dave ho

Where are you from? - tapaaiikii ghara kaaham ho?

I'm from England - mero ghara England ho

 Excuse me/Sorry - maapha ganus

Thank you - dhanyabad


The Sherpa people are one of many ethnic groups in Nepal. They have their own language derived from their roots in Tibet. It is only really a spoken language though there have been attempts to establish a written form using either the Tibetan script or the Devanagari script more common in Nepal. Neither Devanagari nor Latin script is reported as being very good at conveying the sounds of the Sherpa language accurately.


Hello - Tashi Delek

How are you ? / Are you fine ? - Thangbu ? / Thangburang ?

I'm fine - Thangburang

Yes - Las

No - Eya

Thank you - Lolo ouskham

Thanks ! - Thuche

Excuse me - Kaki semengen

Sorry - A ngaleg deh

Goodbye - Rizipeng


What is your name ? - Khyoro min kang hin ? / Khyoro minla kang si ?

My name is Dave - Nye min Dave hin / Nye minla Dave siwi

How old are you ? - Lo cho lepki ?

I am 30 years old - Lo khalsum lepkiwi

What is the name of your village ? - Khyoro yulki min kang si ?

The name of my village is Bumburi - Nye yulla Bumburi siwi

Are you married ? - Khyoro zendi kyaup ?

Do you have children ? - Peza watang me ?

What do you like better, city life or village life ? - Kyurungla shaharki miji gaa nouki yulki miji gaa nok ?


What is the name of that mountain? - Phoki katiki minti kangsi ?

How far is Everest/Chomolongma from here ? - Desu Everest/Chomolongma cho thakringbu wai ?

Can we see Mount Everest from Namche Bazaar ? - Namche Bazaar ne sagarmatha thongita ?

What is this ? - Di kang hin ?

What is that ? - Phokiti kang hin ? 

What is the name of this flower ? - Di mendok min kang hin ?

The weather is nice - Nam lemu chungsung

It may rain today - Haring cherwa gyakitene

Food & Drink

I'm hungry - Lhowa lasung / Nga lhowa langginok

I'm not hungry - Lhowarang me

I'm thirsty - Komba lasung / Komba langginok

I'm not thirsty - Kombarang me

I am tired - En chesung

What will we eat for dinner? - Goki sama kangse ?

Wongdi has cooked delicious food - Wongdi sama simbu zonok

Where is the toilet? - Keh kabooukg dalakg toot?

I have been to the toilet - Nga phila galin


1 chik

2 nyi

3 sum

4 zhi

5 nga

6 thuk

7 din

8 ge

9 gu

10 chitamba

Days of the Week

It is interesting to know the days of the week as most of the Sherpas that you will meet will have a first name that corresponds to the day of the week on which they were born.

Sunday - Ngima

Monday  -Dawa

Tuesday - Mingma

Wednesday - Lhakpa

Thursday - Phurba

Friday - Pasang

Saturday - Pemba

There is a full English Sherpa dictionary available online at