Wild Borneo

Wild Borneo is a small group adventure, trekking deep into the interior of Sarawak to visit the Penan Tribe, search for the elusive wild Borneo orang-utan and climb the famous Mulu Pinnacles. A relatively challenging trip, Wild Borneo is designed for travellers looking for an active holiday that explores some of the authentic community homestays of Sarawak and seeks to view Borneo’s renowned wildlife actually in the wild.

Flying into a remote jungle airstrip, the trip begins with a four night stay in the Ulu Baram region with Borneo’s last nomadic tribe, the Penan. Exploring this pristine primary rainforest with Penan guides and staying in local homestays, you will be supporting a community based tourism initiative while benefitting from a genuine cultural experience. The surrounding forest is home to a network of meandering waterways and hidden waterfalls, which you will explore on this unique village-to-village trek.

Saying farewell to the Penan community, this trip takes an unorthodox route into Mulu National Park, sailing through the Park’s river network rather than arriving by the usual daily flight. This World Heritage Site is renowned for it’s extensive cave system and is home to some of the world’s largest cave passages. Nature enthusiast will enjoy discovering some of Borneo’s incredibly diverse flora and fauna on guided treks through the park, before viewing the spectacular daily bat exodus from Deer Cave at dusk. A highlight for all will be the rewarding two night trek to Mulu’s distinctive limestone Pinnacles for panoramic views of these rare rock formations rising from the rainforest canopy.

After a brief respite in the cultural capital of Kuching, you will travel to Batang Ai for a chance to explore the Borneo rainforest on foot in search of the elusive orang-utan. On the Indonesian border, Batang Ai national park has some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities for visitors willing to get far from the tourist trail and explore a wild Borneo few travellers ever see.

 Wild Borneo adventure

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Wild Borneo Itinerary


Day  Location
1 Arrive Miri, Sarawak
2 Journey to the Ulu Baram
3 - 5 Trek with the Penan Tribe
6 4x4 and longboat from Marudi to Mulu National Park
7 Explore Mulu Caves
8 & 9 Trek to the Mulu Pinnacles
10 Fly to the cultural city of Kuching
11-14 Unique stay in a local Iban community 3 hours from Kuching with wild orangutans and proboscis monkeys to see, and staying in a jungle chalet right next to a waterfall. This is a joint venture with the community and part of our commitment to the villagers to bring the benefits of sustainable tourism to their region. 
15 Return to Kuching and depart or we can advise onward travel around Kuching or continue to Sabah, Borneo.



Wild Borneo Fitness

You do not need to be super-fit for this trip, however the trekking element is relatively demanding, mostly due to the effects of heat and humidity that will tax your body. There is no air conditioning in the forest, but after a few days your body will have acclimatised and in the villages there is plenty of opportunity to swim and cool down in the river and fresh pools.

This trip is relatively demanding in physical terms. The distances and ascents that we tackle are not huge but it must be borne in mind that Borneo is hot and humid and some of the routes are challenging. It is important that you arrive on the trip healthy and in good physical shape. Ideally you will have done some training specific to cycling and trekking for a number of hours at a time. Good cardiovascular fitness will be important as will leg strength and endurance.

If you have any questions about the physical demands of this trip and suggestions on training then do get in touch with us.

What types of terrain will we cross on the Wild Borneo Adventure?

The rainforest is actually a very clean and pure place to visit. The canopy offers excellent shade from the intense sun and traps moisture, however it can be very humid and a you will need to drink a lot of water. We travel using trails and the rivers which have been the jungle arteries for the local native residents for hundreds of years. It is very unlikely that you’ll be off the beaten track with a machete. Sometimes the paths can be muddy and slippery, and there are logs to clamber over, streams to cross and it is always up and down.

Movement in the jungle is generally very slow, about 10km maximum per day, and it is easy to feel exhausted after just a few hours. Keeping rehydrated is paramount and looking out for natural dangers such as thorns or tripping over moss-covered rocks. Moving through the jungle you will begin to see how a completely green and seemingly impenetrable terrain is actually filled with ‘signposts’ and guides; the lore of the jungle is what you have come to experience.

The Pinnacles trek will involve a lot of climbing on the ascent day; the ascent will take you through the unique limestone forest, climbing ladders up some quite sharp and rocky surfaces to spectacular summit views of the pinnacle formations.

Do I need any experience to join the Wild Borneo Adventure?

You do not need to have any previous experience for this expedition as our local guides will show you everything you need to know. The Penan people will show you how to live off the jungle, how to make a plate out of a leaf, how to keep yourself clean and how to travel efficiently. During the Mulu Pinnacles trek, you will have a park certified guide who is very experienced in leading travellers on this trek. For any optional caving at Mulu National park, you will need experience in adventure caving to be allowed to join.

Clearly this trip is quite challenging if you are expecting modern amenities, and since there are none in the jungle the trip will require patience, teamwork and a willingness to work with Mother Nature! Sometimes the heat and humidity can be debilitating, and sap even the most positive of minds, mental preparation and an open mind are essential!


Why Us

Why Choose Adventure Alternative for Your Wild Borneo Adventure?

  • We tailor this trip to ensure trekkers get as much time as possible out in the rainforest and staying with local Penan communities, getting up close and personal for an authentic Borneo adventure holiday.
  • We have our own company, offices and very experienced western and local staff based in Borneo so we never outsource to other companies. They have years of experience living, working and travelling in Borneo, exploring its attractions, managing logistics in-country and looking after visitors. 
  • Our staff spend time researching new locations and activities to ensure that you will visit the most exciting and adventurous destinations, far from any hordes of other travellers. Our trips are unique and often we are the only company visiting some of our more remote wildlife and trekking areas.
  • Adventure Alternative is built on a model of ethical business practices and responsible travel ethos. Our awards for 'Best Personal Contribution' in 2009 and 'Best for Poverty Reduction' in 2013 highlight our commitment to these principles.
  • Adventure Alternative is independently assessed to conform to British Standard 8848, Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions, and adventurous activities outside the United Kingdom.
  • We are members of Interhealth which gives you access to pre-trip health information and on-site assistance by phone in the event of an emergency.


Wild Borneo Cost £1,715.00


  • Local guides as specified in the Penan villages, Mulu National Park and Bako National Park.
  • Organisation and staffing from the local Penan people, covering all of their costs for guiding, translating and hosting visitors in their homes
  • All accommodation.
  • Internal flights to Penan villages, Mulu and Kuching.
  • 4x4 & boat transport in the Penan area and onward to Mulu.
  • All National Park entry fees & permits
  • Meals as stated in the itinerary
  • UK and Borneo office backup, organisation and support


  • International airfare to Borneo, (Miri start and Kuching departure)
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Vaccinations and medication required
  • Personal expenses for soft/hard drinks, souvenirs, phone calls, laundry, tips, etc
  • Optional activities including adventure caving at Mulu and Kuching attractions.


We make payments as flexible as possible and give you control over what you pay and when you pay it. A deposit of £250 is required on booking to secure your place and we ask that the remaining balance (trip price minus the deposit) is paid in full 4 weeks prior to your departure. When you book with us you're given your own secure online account which you can access 24/7. Through this account you can edit your booking, add flight, health, insurance and dietary details and also make interim payments. Therefore you can choose, if you wish, to pay a bit off your trip fee whenever it suits you.


Our prices are competitive and good value, and we offer quality service, visit unique destinations and have an ethical stance on tourism in a developing country. We don’t want to be so expensive to run fewer trips and have our staff idle, but on the other hand we believe that running cheap trips that promote the practise of skimming budgets would result in local staff getting next to nothing, which is something we cannot consider.


Our local provider is Adventure Alternative Borneo. Adventure Alternative Borneo complies with UK tourism standards.

Where we do use providers such as hostel and guesthouse owners and homestays these are people our Adventure Alternative Borneo staff have known for years, and spent time with to build up the trust between both parties.


Open trips or tailor made dates at no extra cost. 
£250 deposit and the balance in instalments.
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