News update 3 March 2022: due to the current situation in Ukraine we have decided to not take any more bookings for our upcoming Russia trips.


Most people start their journey in one of Russia’s most famous cities; Saint Petersburg or Moscow. St Petersburg, located in the north-western part of the country, is arguably Russia’s most beautiful city. With meandering canals and a traditional European architectural flair, it is considered the cultural capital of Russia. When in Saint Petersburg one must spend some time in the opulent Hermitage Museum. The building itself is a wonder, ornately decorated down to every detail. However, the rich culture doesn’t stop there, this museum also houses one of the most impressive collections of Western European art in the world. Another site not to miss is the Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood. This church iconizes the Russian Orthodox architecture with magnificent onion domes decorated with splashes of color.

Moscow, Russia’s mighty capital, exemplifies the Soviet era. Home to the ancient Kremlin and historic Red Square, Moscow melds old and new. The Red Square is a must-see while in Moscow. Here you can visit the Kremlin, the political heart of Russia, say hi to Lenin in his mausoleum, and see the stunning architecture of St. Basil’s Cathedral. For the best views of the Russian skyline go for a stroll in Gorky Park. No trip to Russia is complete without a tour of the famous metro system. Each station contains carefully thought out décor.

Beyond the cities lies Russia’s many mountains. The first that comes to mind is Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe and one of the Seven Summits. Adventure Alternative hosts several trips up Elbrus’s South and North Routes. For a quieter summit, head north. The north route gives more of a classic mountaineering experience, with little mechanical support and less people. Both trips offer an introduction to snow and glacial travel. This mighty peak in the Caucasus Mountains is a must-climb for anyone looking to check off the highest peak in each continent.

Further east where Russia, Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan collide lie the breathtaking Altai Mountains. Adventure Alternative offers world-class trekking along this remote stretch of mountains. Lush, wildflower-ridden alpine valleys collide with snow-capped rocky peaks along the route. Experience the turquoise waters that line the Katunsky ridge. In summer life flourishes. Here you have the opportunity to spot the many wild species that call this land home, including the Siberian Ibex and maybe even the elusive snow leopard.

The area of Kamchatka is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its dramatic volcanic cones. The region is littered with glaciers, lakes, and wildlife. Since it is surrounded by the sea, the climate is much milder than what you will find deep in the mountains. Adventure Alternative offers a chance to explore this wild place and lay eyes on its stunning beauty.

With so many regions to explore, Russia provides excellent opportunities to meld culture with nature. Experience some of the world’s great cities, then head into the wild remote Russian wilderness with Adventure Alternative.