Elbrus books and maps

Altitude and it's Effects

Travel at High Altitude, Medex, ISBN 0-901100-76-5 (free to download from Medex)
Altitude Illness: Prevention & Treatment, The Mountaineers Books, Bezruchka, ISBN 0-89886-685-5 (pocket sized guide)
Medicine for Mountaineering, The Mountaineers Books, Wilkerson et al, ISBN-10: 1594850763, ISBN-13: 978-1594850769

British Mountaineering Council website
International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA) website

Elbrus Region Guides

The Mount Elbruz Region, West Col Productions, ISBN-10: 0906227526, ISBN-13: 978-0906227527
Trekking in the Caucasus, Cicerone, ISBN-10: 185284129X, ISBN-13: 978-1852841294
Trekking in Russia and Central Asia: A Traveller's Guide, Mountaineers Books, ISBN-10: 0898863554, ISBN-13: 978-0898863550
Russia, Lonely Planet, ISBN-10: 1741047226, ISBN-13: 978-1741047226


Elbrus, 1:50,000, Climbing Map, ISBN 13: 9783952329436
Elbrus, 1:50,000, Russian Army Cartographic Unit,
Elbrus and Environs, 1:100,000, Russian Army Cartographic Unit,
Mount Elbrus, various scales, West Col Productions
Caucasus Central: Elbruz to Kazbek 1:200,000, West Col Productions, ISBN 10: 0906227542, ISBN 13: 9780906227541

Climbing and Mountaineering

Travels in the central Caucasus and Bashan, Freshfield, BiblioBazaar, ISBN-10: 1117959651, ISBN-13: 978-1117959658
My Climbs in the Alps and Caucasus, Mummery, Adamant Media Corporation, ISBN-10: 0543890430, ISBN-13: 978-0543890436
Climbing in the Caucasus - A Collection of Historical Mountaineering Articles, Read Books, ISBN-10: 1447408470, ISBN-13: 978-1447408475
The Caucasus: An Introduction, de Waal, OUP USA, ISBN-10: 0195399773, ISBN-13: 978-0195399776
As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me, Bauer, Robinson, ISBN-10: 1841197262, ISBN-13: 978-1841197265
Seven Summits, Bass, Gramercy Books, ISBN-10: 0517227509, ISBN-13: 978-0517227503