Charity challenges and fundraising treks

If you would like to run a charity challenge like climbing Kilimanjaro or trekking to Everest Base Camp or climbing the highest peaks in Morocco then we can help you with a personalised and experienced service. We have organised many charity challenges for groups or individuals and have the experience to ensure it is safe, professional and fun! 

About Charity Challenges and Fundraisers with Adventure Alternative

We comply with the British Standard BS8848 for overseas expeditions, which will give you an assurance that you are in good hands throughout your climb and that you will have a safe and enjoyable time with us. 

We don't have punitive contracts and nor do we have conditions on numbers. In fact, we offer a group rate which includes pre-trip advice and training, and excellent staff on the ground to provide the additional support needed for groups that have their focus on both the challenge and the fundraising target.  

keny volunteer training.jpg

Come volunteer with us in Kenya!

Charity climbs for Mount Kilimanjaro

We offer several different options for charity climbs on Kilimanjaro. You can come climb solo or a normal advertised climb and fundraise for your favourite charity. We work in partnership with Moving Mountains, our sister charity. Moving Mountains supports health programmes, medical centers, environmental projects and educational programmes in countries we operate in. We encourage you to check out the goings-on at Moving Mountains and pledge to climb for charity! 

We also organize climbs on behalf of the charity of your choosing, simply contact us to discuss details. For more information regarding climbing Kilimanjaro, check out our Kilimanjaro Peak Page

Becoming X and Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

We have partnered with Becoming X to offer an additional charity climb up Kilimanjaro. Becoming X is a charity focused on helping people all over the world realize their full potential. We believe that everyone, from all walks of life, can be extraordinary. Sometimes, situations out of that person’s control limit their ability to showcase what they are made of. Becoming X helps others gain important skills such as confidence, resilience, and leadership. Our becoming X trips offer climbs up both the Lemosho and Machame Routes.

Trekking high above the clouds on Kilimanjaro

Trekking above the clouds for a great cause on Mount Kilimanjaro.

RAG Kilimanjaro Challenge

We offer university students the chance to climb Kilimanjaro and support a great cause. Our current project is working with the RAG student society and Moving Mountains to build a large school on the side of the slopes in order to support the education of the local communities. 

Our RAG trips also include a volunteering opportunity. The money raised goes to Moving Mountains and the school project. RAG volunteers not only get to climb Kilimanjaro, but they will also spend several days working on our Marangu Project. 

Charity Challenges and Fundraisers in Kenya

We offer several charity options in Kenya. If you’d like to check out Mount Kenya traverse the mountain for a good cause, we highly recommend our Mt Kenya Traverse Charity climb. The route starts in Moru and finishes in Emblo traveling up to Point Lenana Peak. All of our climbs can easily be customized to create the perfect holiday. You can add a private safari, transport, or additional days on the mountain. You can even add a visit to a charity project with Moving Mountains. 

Volunteering in Kenya (4)

Have fun playing and volunteering with us in Kenya!

Our Social Enterprise Kenya expedition focuses on gaining insight and first-hand experience with social entrepreneurship. In essence, social entrepreneurship focuses on giving the local communities the tools they need to create a sustainable, social business to help local communities in need. It’s an excellent way to engage in cultural exchange and take part in the sense of community that Kenya is famous for.  

These trips focus less on physical activity and more on community learning. You’ll be an active participant, paired up with a local Kenyan mentor. Activities include camping, cooking, games, and campfires. We will also visit our nearby Moving Mountains charity projects for an opportunity to see social projects in action.

Riding Everest with RDA

RDA helps disabled people enjoy the world on horseback, giving them access to remote places. So, join us on an epic journey to Everest Base Camp while we ride with Max, a cerebral palsy patient, to Everest Base Camp. 

We have assembled a very special team for the expedition and we are excited to have enthusiastic volunteers to come join us. All of the donations will be used to build a training centre in the UK for RDA. The facility will help train volunteers and riders alike. As a participant, you will walk with Max and help him reach his goal as well as participate in a fundraiser. To learn more about this incredible experience, contact us today!

Everest Base Camp - Kala Patthar

Come hang out with Max as we ride to Everest Base Camp.

How to Raise Money for a Charity Adventure

Raising money for your cause can seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry, we are here to help. Start with the low hanging fruit, as friends and family to donate to your cause. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a small amount, even five pounds adds up quickly.

Another way is to utilize an online account such as Go Fund Me and advertise your climb on social media. Or start a blog documenting your experiences. Social media is a great platform to share your challenge and websites help create milestones for your goal.

For more innovative ideas and help, feel free to ask! Remember, it’s the act of giving that counts, not the total amount.

Social Enterprise Kenya (1)

Join our social enterprise team in Kenya.

What Kind of Shape do I Need to be in for a Charity Adventure?

Since our adventures vary, so does your level of physical fitness. Due to the areas you’ll be traveling in, being in an overall good health is a good idea. Speak with your local doctor prior to traveling with us to make sure you’re fit enough to travel.

For our climbs to Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya, a decent level of fitness is required. If you’re a regular hill walker you should be able to handle both climbs. Neither climb is technical, and proper acclimatization is the primary concern. See individual climbing pages for more information regarding physical fitness.