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  • Nairobi Marathon
    Nairobi Marathon (7)

    Join the Moving Mountains Trust and run the Nairobi Marathon, in the country that has produced the dominant force in international distance running of the last decade.

  • Atlas Mountain Trek - Large Set
    Atlas Mountain Trek - Large Set (23)

    Morocco's Toubkal National Park plays host to this fantastic 2 week circuit trek, culminating in an ascent of Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa. Along the way we travel in a wide loop, traversing the more remote and less travelled valleys and passes of the rugged landscape, stay in fantastic picturesque villages and enjoy the hospitality of the local Berber people and their unique North African culture. The ascent of Jebel Toubkal can be undertaken in less days… (more)

  • Medical Clinic in Bumburi
    Medical Clinic in Bumburi (14)

    Set showing some shots from Bumburi and the varying stages of the construction of the clinic

  • Himalayan 6000m Peaks
  • AfriCamp Tanzania
    AfriCamp Tanzania (7)

    This is a unique opportunity for young people to travel to Tanzania in East Africa and experience and contibute to meaningful and carefully planned international development work, first hand. The three week trip also includes ample opportunity to broaden horizons and give immense personal development whilst experiencing and exploring this rich cultural and natural fabric.

  • Borneo Explorer- Community Tour
    Borneo Explorer- Community Tour (13)

    This trip sees the best of what the rainforest and coastal areas has to offer in a shorter itinerary. Throughout the trip we use facilities that directly benefit the local people and ensure that it is they who profit from tourism in their homeland. We see Orangutans at the world famous Sepilok sanctuary, travel the Kinabatangan River, experience a night in a rainforest camp and stay at the white sand beaches of the Kudat sea turtle project.

  • Indonesian Papua (Big Set)
  • Baliem Valley Festival Trek
    Baliem Valley Festival Trek (7)

    A trek along the Baliem valley in Indonesian Papua culminating in attending the annual Baliem Valley Tribal Festival where all the highland tribes meet for celebrations and a mock war.

  • The Rhino Charge!
  • Mount Kenya - Summit Circuit
    Mount Kenya - Summit Circuit (14)

    Adding a couple of days on to the standard Mt Kenya itinerary offers the chance to discover much more on this beautiful mountain. Our summit circuit itinerary ascends the Naro Moru route and descends Chogoria route and allows you to see the jagged peaks of Mount Kenya from all angles on an itinerary designed with excellent trekking and stunning views/scenery in mind.

  • Mount Toubkal Winter - Large Set
    Mount Toubkal Winter - Large Set (37)

    Mountaineering in Morocco's High Atlas mountains in winter conditions

  • Mera Peak Large Set
    Mera Peak Large Set (17)

    Mera Peak in the Everest Region of Nepal's Himalaya is a superb mountaineering expediton, achievable by fit and determined hill-walkers.

  • Mount Toubkal Summer
    Mount Toubkal Summer (7)

    Mount Toubkal in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains is a fantastic location for an active summer get-away. There are spectacular mountain vistas and interesting local traditions and people. For more information see the following web pages

  • Mount Toubkal Summer (Large Set)
    Mount Toubkal Summer (Large Set) (64)

    Photos from past summer treks to Mount Toubkal in the Moroccan High Atlas mountains. For more information see

  • Volunteering in Nepal
    Volunteering in Nepal (13)

    Photo collection of volunteering in Nepal, where you can work in the mythical Kathmandu or trek up to the villages which have been developed in the Solu Khumbu region of the Himalayas

  • Mt Kinabalu Traverse
    Mt Kinabalu Traverse (7)

    A unique chance to trek a rarely used route through the rainforest onto the eastern plateau of Mt Kinabalu crossing the Bowens route to the west plateau and spend a few days exploring the amazing peaks on this very young mountain which rises out of the worlds oldest rainforest. Most groups climb Kinabalu in a 2 day dash up to the summit, missing out on much that the mountain has to offer.

  • Mt Kinabalu Traverse March 2013
    Mt Kinabalu Traverse March 2013 (75)

    A unique chance to trek a rarely used route through the rainforest onto the eastern plateau of Mt Kinabalu crossing the Bowens route to the west plateau and spend a few days exploring the amazing peaks on this very young mountain which rises out of the worlds oldest rainforest. Most groups climb Kinabalu in a 2 day dash up to the summit, missing out on much that the mountain has to offer. It is a classic U-shaped mountain, a batholith rising out of the rainforest, and there are… (more)

  • Borneo Cycle, Summit & Sea Challenge
    Borneo Cycle, Summit & Sea Challenge (6)

    An unforgettable two weeks spent seeing the best of tropical Borneo on an active and mixed itinerary of cycling and trekking past and through the rainforest before climbing to the peak of Mount Kinabalu. It is then a metter of cycling and rafting our way back to the South China Sea for some well deserved relaxation.

  • Huayna Potosi & Pequeno Alpamayo
  • Manang Horse Festival & Tilicho Lake Trek
    Manang Horse Festival & Tilicho Lake Trek (7)

    A superb two week trek up into the high Himalaya in the Annapurna region of Nepal to trek to and attend a traditional horse racing festival and celebration. During the festival we also explore the beautiful area around Manang including buddhist temples and glacial lakes. After the festival we continue our trek to one of the world's most spectacular high-altitude lakes at Tilicho before marvelling at some of the world's highest mountains as we cross a high pass and drop back down to the valley villages.

  • Solio Water Project
    Solio Water Project (7)

    Solio is a collection of villages for internally displaced people on a former cattle ranch next to Mt Kenya. Water for Life is an opportunity to participate in a project to provide clean water to its people. In joining this project you will be supporting the Moving Mountains Trust in its long-term, sustainable development programs in Kenya, Nepal and Borneo.

  • Toubkal Winter Ascent
    Toubkal Winter Ascent (7)

    This is a wonderful winter break to climb several 4000m peaks in the high Atlas of Morocco, including the spectacular Mount Toubkal in Winter Conditions. The mountains are only around 40 miles to the south of the beautiful city of Marrakech and on a clear day the summits can be clearly seen from the city. The blue skies, bright sun and crisp snowy peaks are a perfect antidote to the winter of northern Europe.

  • Sao Tome
    Sao Tome (5)

    Sao Tome & Principe is an independent republic made of two main islands and many smaller ones that sit in an area of the Gulf of Guinea between 200 and 300km off the coast of West Africa. The WWF, after recent expeditions, classified the Sao Tome and Principe as one of the 200 most important biodiversity areas in the world. Of the 700 local plant types, about 100 of these are only found in Sao Tome and Principe, including more than 100 different orchids and 21 endemic species of birdlife.

  • University Adventure Borneo
    University Adventure Borneo (7)

    This unique adventure travels into the heart of Borneo, to visit the indigenous Penan tribe in the jungles of Sarawak, where there is the unique and fascinating opportunity to learn about the way of life of the original jungle dwellers, and to take part in a new environment and community development project with the Penan people and Moving Mountains Trust. For the second stage of this adventure our trip travels to the beautiful coastlines of Sabah where we will have the wonderful… (more)

  • Langtang, Nepal
    Langtang, Nepal (7)

    A fantastic ten day trek in the high Himalaya of Nepal in the superb Langtang valley, which is the closest of the national parks to Kathmandu. The valley is accessible from Kathmandu by vehicle and is renowned for its flora in addition to the soaring heights of the Himalayan peaks surrounding it.This trek is close to the Tibetan border and has beautiful views of the mountains, including Shishapangma, one of the 8000 metre peaks. There is also the option to undertake this trek on horseback.

  • Yala Peak, Nepal
    Yala Peak, Nepal (7)

    A fantastic two week trek in the high Himalaya of Nepal culminating in an ascent of the spectacular but non-technical Yala Peak. We will be in the heart of the Himalaya with awe inspiring views across into Tibet and out over Nepal. This is the chance to experience a real life adventure encompassing all the best elements of a Himalayan mini expedition in an enjoyable and accessible way. Langtang is the closest national park to Kathmandu, requiring a drive to get there, and the valley is famous for its flora, aswell as beautiful himalayan peaks.

  • Khuiten Peak, Mongolia
    Khuiten Peak, Mongolia (7)

    A climb of Khuiten Peak, the highest peak in Mongolia at 4374m, at the head of the Potanin Glacier in the remote and breathtaking Altai Mountains. A subsidary summit of Nairamdal Peak is the point at which the borders of Russia, China and Mongolia converge only 40 km East of the border of Kazakhstan.

  • Mount Trikora, Papua
    Mount Trikora, Papua (11)

    2013 is the 100th anniversary of the first climb of Papua's 3rd highest mountain - Gunung Trikora. To commemorate this Adventure Alternative will be offering a rare chance to climb to the top of this 4,750 m non-technical peak.

  • Adult Himalayacamp
  • Kamchatka
    Kamchatka (7)

    A fantastic two week trek to explore the legendary wilderness of the Kamchatka peninsula in the far eastern corner of Russia. The area is a designated UNESCO World heritage Site in recognition of its spectacular landscape of volcanic cones, glaciers and lakes and also its wildlife including otter, bear and eagles.

  • Adult Africamp
    Adult Africamp (14)

    Photo's from Adventure Alternatives hugely acclaimed Adult Africamp

  • Sports Development in Kenya
    Sports Development in Kenya (14)

    Sports development in Kenya - Black Cats

  • Russian Altai Adventure
    Russian Altai Adventure (7)

    This trek will take us deep into the Altai Mountains of Southern Russia to experience the spectacular and varied terrain of the area. We will also take in a taste of the unique and mixed culture of the area. The mountains occupy the area where Russia in the north, collides with Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. Part of the region is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In it's description of the importance of the area UNESCO noted that "the region represents the most… (more)

  • Everest Base Camp
    Everest Base Camp (6)

    The seduction of a trek to Everest base camp has long been known to travellers, climbers and adventurers. Immersed in the peaceful world of Tibetan Buddhism, and framed by the majestic Himalayas, this Nepalese trek offers more than just a walking holiday; it is for many a pilgrimage to the bottom of the highest mountain in the world, in a remarkable country which will leave you with vivid memories of the people who live there.

  • Sierra Nevada
    Sierra Nevada (7)

    The Spanish Sierra Nevada one of Europe's most spectacular yet most overlooked mountain ranges. The treverse route is sometimes referred to as Los Tres Miles or the Ruta Integral Sierra Nevada. It climbs up onto the high spine of the range and passes along a string of peaks without really dropping down more than a few hundred metres. On our route we will visit more than 15 named points and peaks over 3000m, hence "Los Tres Miles" Along the route there stands Mulhacen,… (more)

  • Mera Peak
    Mera Peak (7)

    A climb of the Himalayan Mera Peak (6476m) with a varied trek in via traditional Sherpa villages, high passes and breathtaking mountain and glacial landscapes.

  • Nepal Medical Camp
    Nepal Medical Camp (5)

    Moving Mountains and Adventure Alternative organise annual medical camps in Bupsa and Bumburi where western medical students and Nepali doctors provide free medical consultation and medication.

  • Moroccan Atlas
    Moroccan Atlas (7)

    A large part of Morocco is mountainous, the Atlas Mountains are located mainly in the central and southern regions of the country. The mountain areas are mainly inhabited by the Berber people. It is a spectacular location for trekking and the paths are far less traveled than other areas in or close to Europe.

  • Cho Oyu
    Cho Oyu (7)

    Cho Oyu (or Cho Oyo or Mt. Zhuoaoyou) is the sixth highest mountain in the world, located 20 km west of Mount Everest in the Himalaya astride the Nepal/Tibet border. Cho Oyu means "Turquoise Goddess" in Tibetan. It is the world's sixth highest mountain and one of the fourteen 8,000 metre peaks, it is regarded as one of the more straightforward to climb. The normal route ascends the north-west face from the Tibetan side of the Nangpa La, the old trading route to Nepal.

  • Antarctica
    Antarctica (7)

    As an expedition, and as an experience, a trip to Antarctica has to rank as one of the most extra-ordinary privileges that adventure travel can offer. To travel to this most intriguing of continents, steeped in the history of exploration, to experience the phenomenon of 24hr daylight and to ascend to a peak from where the whole of the horizon and middle distance is an uninterupted white wilderness, viewed through some of the purest air on the planet and laid out below an endless sky.

  • BorneoCAS
    BorneoCAS (7)

    This is a trip and programme that will be specifically tailored for use as part of the the Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS) element of the International Baccaluareate (IB) educational programme.

  • HimalayaCAS
    HimalayaCAS (5)

    This is a trip and programme that will be specifically tailored for use as part of the the Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS) element of the International Baccaluareate (IB) educational programme.

  • AfriCAS
    AfriCAS (7)

    This is a trip and programme that will be specifically tailored for use as part of the the Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS) element of the International Baccaluareate (IB) educational programme.

  • School Renovations
    School Renovations (13)

    This project will see teams of volunteers carry out renovation of schools and classrooms in Kenya. The schools are selected according to their needs and capacity to carry out the work themselves by our in-country committee. The committee is part of our charity and NGO network called Moving Mountains.

  • Monk's Dormitory
  • Penan Tree Nursery
    Penan Tree Nursery (3)

    This is an International Development project primarily aimed at combatting the effects of deforestation in the rainforests of Borneo. Moving Mountains Borneo has established a tree planting programme and also an initiative of cataloging the indiginous plants and their properties. This will involve further developing relationships with the local Penan people and recording their knowledge of the flora and fauna. Groups will also assist with the tree planting programme by acting as volunteer staff in the nurseries.

  • AlternativeGap Nepal
  • Volunteering in Kenya
    Volunteering in Kenya (14)

    Moving Mountains have numerous options in rural and slum locations... Everything from teaching, working with street kids, sports development and volunteering in orphanages and rescue centres...

  • Bumburi Hospital Project
    Bumburi Hospital Project (4)

    Another of our successful initiatives has been the provision of medical camps whereby Nepali doctors have supervised a group of UK medical students in providing a free medical consultation and treatment programme over the course of a week or more. These camps have been extremely well attended and as a result of this and consultation with our local comittee members we have identified a need for year-round healthcare provsion in the area. The major tasks associated with this… (more)

  • Solio Classroom project
    Solio Classroom project (7)

    In the Solio projects we have used a building technique called mortar-mesh to construct the walls of the buildings. This is a techniques that we first started building in the '80s and the first buildings are still going strong today.

  • Bupsa Water project
    Bupsa Water project (7)

    Following the success of the 2010 water tap project in Bumburi it is proposed to create a similar scheme to provide clean running water to all homes in Bupsa. The project would be on a similar scale to that in Bumburi with the siting and construction of two or more large buffer tanks high up the hill, fed by local streams or springs. From these tanks medium diameter ‘trunk’ pipes would drop down the hill and a series of small diameter ‘branch’ pipes would run to the houses. At… (more)

  • Borneo Sabbaticals
    Borneo Sabbaticals (4)

    Adventure Alternative offer sabbaticals which allow skilled people to broaden their working experience into countries and regions that also greatly benefit from the transferral of skills and cultural experience. The exact nature of the position and the period over which you work can be tailored to your personal requirements and to those of your host organisation. We organise all the logistics, accomodation and support that you need through our established network of contacts… (more)

  • Nepal Sabbaticals
    Nepal Sabbaticals (3)

    Adventure Alternative offer sabbaticals which allow skilled people to broaden their working experience into countries and regions that also greatly benefit from the transferral of skills and cultural experience. The exact nature of the position and the period over which you work can be tailored to your personal requirements and to those of your host organisation. We organise all the logistics, accomodation and support that you need through our established network of contacts… (more)

  • Kenya Sabbaticals
    Kenya Sabbaticals (6)

    Adventure Alternative offer sabbaticals which allow skilled people to broaden their working experience into countries and regions that also greatly benefit from the transferral of skills and cultural experience. The exact nature of the position and the period over which you work can be tailored to your personal requirements and to those of your host organisation. We organise all the logistics, accomodation and support that you need through our established network of contacts… (more)

  • AlternativeGap Kenya
    AlternativeGap Kenya (7)

    A ten week Gap adventure in Kenya combining extensive adventure travel, volunteering and an expedition. The theme throughout the programme is one of personal development through close interaction with, and enhancement of local community infrastructure. The programme will extend beyond the time spent abroad in order to maximise the personal development outcomes for participants. Pre-placement training and activities will be undertaken in the UK including fundraising activities.… (more)

  • Sahara Adventure
    Sahara Adventure (6)

    This expedition will help you discover the vastness of Ténéré desert, driving on the road of the camel salt caravans to the lost oases of the Ténéré and the Aïr Mountains - a black massif as big as Switzerland - where the Tuareg nomads live. And camel trekking in timeless style is surely one of the most special forms of travel in the world. This is remote country where only your thoughts are carried on the wind and adventure is never more than a step away.

  • AfriCamp
    AfriCamp (14)

    Africamp is a month long unforgettable all round experience of a challenging and highly enjoyable expedition in East Africa that is extremely well organised and very well staffed demonstrating complete professionalism and responsibility. This expedition takes you away from the well-trodden tourist routes, and forging friendships across cultural divides through real challenges. This expedition is a real hands-on expedition that will give you the opportunity to work on long term… (more)

  • HimalayaCamp
    HimalayaCamp (4)

    HimalayaCamp is a month long trip aimed at School, College and University students and groups. It sees young people interact with local communities in Nepal through the concept of a joint summer camp shared between the UK group and a group of their Nepali peers. The group also undertake an expedition and of course find time to experience all that their host country has to offer.

  • Mongolian Altai Adventure
    Mongolian Altai Adventure (7)

    One of the worlds most remote and mysterious locations, outer Mongolia, the name its self conjures up images of the exotic. This trip is particularly special for anyone interested in archaeology, ancient cultures and of course astonishing scenery. We travel through the Altai Mountains in the North West of Mongolia an area that borders China and Russia and lies geographically and culturally close to Kazakhstan. The remote areas are largely untouched by modern life with nomadic… (more)

  • AlternativeGap Borneo
  • BorneoCamp
    BorneoCamp (7)

    BorneoCamp is a month long trip aimed at School, College and University students and groups. It sees young people interact with local communities in Borneo through the concept of a joint summer camp shared between the UK group and a group of their Malaysian peers. The group also undertake an expedition and of course find time to experience all that their host country has to offer. This is primarily a youth expedition which is a popular addition to our Africamp and HimalayaCamp… (more)

  • Mount Kilimanjaro
    Mount Kilimanjaro (7)

    Dominating the landscape like no other mountain, both iconic and instantly recognisable, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the highest peak in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. At 5895 metres, to climb Kilimanjaro is a great challenge, not to be underestimated, but entirely feasible for the hill walker looking to combine a high mountain adventure with going to Africa. Adventure Alternative has been running treks on Kilimanjaro since 1996, and with our own… (more)

  • Samburu Wilderness
    Samburu Wilderness (7)

    This safari lets you enjoy a less crowded park compared to Mara or Ngorongoro. We take you through the Maasai country towards Isiolo, with a 2 nights stay at the lodge in the Sambru Game Reserve and a further 2 nights in Shaba. Shaba National Reserve is where naturalist Joy Adamson, whose 1960 best-seller, Born Free, made a lion cub named Elsa as lovable as Winnie-the-Pooh. Shaba took its name from the Mount Shaba (1525 meters), a volcanic mountain that became extinct around… (more)

  • Meru Wilderness
    Meru Wilderness (1)

    Join on this wonderful safari into one of Kenya's hidden gems! Meru National Park remained closed for many years and in turn is rich in wildlife without the crowds often experienced in some of the countires more well known parks or reserves. Meru is main attraction is the sheer abundance of exciting wildlife, beautiful waterfalls and a varied landscape that includes riverside forests, open and wooded grasslands and thorn bush savannah all of which combine to give you an amzing… (more)

  • Under the Snows of Kilimanjaro
    Under the Snows of Kilimanjaro (3)

    This is one of the most iconic safaris in Kenya taking you to Amboseli National Park which is tucked under the awesome Kilimanjaro in neighbouring Tanzania. Here you can easily find yourself in close range to a large herd of elephant with the majestic peak seemingly a stones throw away. Some of the park is swamp land which is fed underground, emerging on the plains as springs from the snow capped peak of the highest mountain in Africa. Located in Kajiado District, Rift Valley… (more)

  • Mara and the Great Lakes
    Mara and the Great Lakes (7)

    Kenya's wildlife and iconic landscapes of the Great Lakes of Kenya - from the saline waters of Lake Nakuru to the freshwaters of Lake Bogoria; to the amazing aquatic and bird life inhabiting the Lakes Naivasha and Baringo. This amazing itinerary will take you to the open savannahs of the Maasai Mara, one of Africa’s prime wildlife destinations, and experience incredibly close wildlife encounters. Offered all year round, this amazing safari combines amazing wildlife encounters and diverse safari experiences with spectacular landscapes of Kenya.

  • Masai Mara
    Masai Mara (5)

    The Maasai Mara is one of Africa’s premier game reserves where you get close encounters with a diverse population of game and experience the awe-inspiring migration of close to 2 million wildebeests and zebra from the Serengeti. Between August and October, the Masai Mara is the location of the greatest wildlife spectacle on earth when you can witness thousands of wildebeests and zebras crossing the crocodile-infested Mara River during their annual migration. This incredible mass… (more)

  • Lakes of the Rift Valley
    Lakes of the Rift Valley (7)

    The lakes of the Great Rift Valley safari package offers exceptional picturesque waterscape with floating islands of papyrus and water hyacinth. The lake’s wildlife, particularly its protected hippo and flamingo population are never far from view. As you approach from Nairobi the view is quite unbelievable. The ground suddenly disappears to show the huge expanse of the great rift, stretching for thousands of miles in either direction, a starting point for our visits to Lake… (more)

  • Serengeti & Southern Lakes
    Serengeti & Southern Lakes (7)

    The Serengeti is Tanzania's most famous National Park and goes all the way to the Kenyan border. The park is teeming with stunning wildlife. It is thought that over 3 million large mammals roam in the Serengeti in vast open plains punctuated by rocky outcrops. The extensive grasslands are interspersed with Kopjes - rocky outcrops like islands in the flat plain, each with their own Wildlife communities. Each year around the same time the great wildebeest migration begins in the… (more)

  • Ngorongoro & Serengeti Southern Lakes
    Ngorongoro & Serengeti Southern Lakes (7)

    World renowned as a place of absolute wonder, Ngorongoro Crater is a deep volcanic crater, dramatically beautiful and permanent home to nearly 25 000 animals with ideal game viewing opportunities all year round, Covering 300 square kilometres in the largest unflooded and unbroken caldera in the world, Ngorongoro supports a large resident population of wildlife including huge grazing herds of zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, eland and gazelle. Near the swamps and forest there are… (more)

  • Borneo Three Peaks
    Borneo Three Peaks (7)

    This trip is designed to give the adventurer full exposure to Borneo’s three finest peaks; Trusmadi, Mulu & Kinabalu. It is an inspiring and unusual journey spanning 19 days trekking and climbing that will take you far off the beaten path in the jungle and to the peaks of Malaysian Borneo. The itinerary is challenging and you should have a good level of fitness. The trip also gives good tuition and experience in jungle living and travel. It also offers people the chance to get up close and personal with the wildlife.

  • Kanchenjunga Circuit
    Kanchenjunga Circuit (1)

    Mount Kanchenjunga; one of the world’s most spectacular mountains and the third highest mountain on the planet, reaching 8586 metres, can boast a wide range of wonderful scenery from lush, tropical jungle through to rhododendron, chestnut and oak forests and high up into the glacial wilderness. It is a long and challenging trek going deep into the remote mountain ranges on Nepal’s border with Sikkim and Tibet. You will experience a wide range of Nepalese culture and life-style… (more)

  • Manaslu Circuit
    Manaslu Circuit (1)

    Opened to trekkers in 1992, the Manaslu Circuit trek has since been considered one of the most challenging in Nepal. This exciting trek journeys around the eighth highest mountain in the world, crossing the superb Larkya La pass and provides its travellers and adventurers with a geographically spectacular and culturally fascinating experience. This trip would appeal to anyone who is looking for a challenging trek in a remote region of the Nepal Himalaya, visited by relatively few… (more)

  • Jiri to Everest Basecamp
    Jiri to Everest Basecamp (7)

    The 24 day trek involves an 18 day ascent of 3000 metres over 170 kilometres, from a starting altitude of 2370 metres. The trek begins in Jiri, climbing steeply through forests, deep gorges with bridges and many villages until reaching Lukla, where the gradient of the path becomes less steep, however, still with lots of ups and downs until reaching Namche Bazaar. Above Namche Bazaar, capital town of the Khumbu, the path enters the high Himalayan valleys with large fast flowing… (more)

  • Gokyo Lakes & Everest Basecamp
    Gokyo Lakes & Everest Basecamp (5)

    This is one of the most adventurous treks in the Everest Himalayas, following the high route pass of Cho La (5330m) into the Base Camp of Mount Everest. The trek travels through the homelands of the Sherpa people, where you will experience their wonderful hospitality. Following the Dudh Koshi river valley brings you towards the bustling market town of Namche Bazaar which has a great atmosphere, perfect for soaking up the magnificent mountain scenery. Awe-inspiring views of… (more)

  • Annapurna Sanctuary
    Annapurna Sanctuary (1)

    The Annapurna Sanctuary trek is ideal for those limited with time but longing for something beautiful and intense with the snow-capped peaks of the Himalaya as a back drop. This trek journeys directly into the frozen spirit of the Annapurna Region, an exceptional amphitheatre of rock and ice on a glorious scale. The sanctuary will lead you through a hidden pocket of lowland villages, meadow and rice terraces to a gorge of rhododendron forests and icy rivers that will end in… (more)

  • Annapurna Circuit
    Annapurna Circuit (1)

    The Annapurna region, with its spectacular deep valleys and magnificent mountains, is among the most popular in Nepal. The Circuit trek, also known as Nepal’s classic trek, has long been regarded as one of the world’s most characteristic walks taking us through every type of scenery that Nepal has to offer. As the name itself suggests, the trail encircles the colossal Annapurna Mountain (8091m) providing a scenery and cultural diversity of people and land, from passing through… (more)

  • Annapurna & Machapulchare Basecamps
    Annapurna & Machapulchare Basecamps (1)

    Once you have made your spectacular circuit around the Annapurna massif this trip the sanctuary add-on will spend a few days trekking up into the heart of the mountains to the Machhupuchhre and Annapurna Base Camps immediately below the huge south faces of the mountains. The additional days will begin in Ghorepani the day after your ascent of Poon Hill and you will rejoin the general circuit at Ghandruk. As you will be well acclimitised from the circuit it will be possible to trek up the Modi Khola canyon to the basecamps and return in 5 days.

  • Mt Elbrus - North Route
    Mt Elbrus - North Route (7)

    Mount Elbrus stands between the great masses of Europe and Asia, dynamic in both region and terrain. It presents a strenuous and rewarding climb, but also includes the full experience of Russian culture, history and character. The ascent of Mt Elbrus by the normal route is a long climb over a moderate incline that requires good acclimatization but has no technical difficulties. However, despite the apparent simplicity of this route, it can be dangerous. The altitude, variable… (more)

  • Ojos del Salado
    Ojos del Salado (7)

    Ojos Del Salado (6893m) is the highest mountain in Chile and also the highest active volcano in the world with venting fumeroles in the crater, south west of the summit. Not only do we climb this majestic mountain but pass through the iconic Atacama Desert with its other-worldly terrain, lakes and wildlife. This is a true expedition of discovery into the heart of the high South American Andes. The volcano is located in a unique desert environment of intense, deep, green lagoons… (more)

  • Mount Everest SE Ridge
    Mount Everest SE Ridge (7)

    Our expedition to Mount Everest combines a wide range of expertise and resources in order to provide a high level of support for this expedition to the highest peak in the world. We have run six successful expeditions to both the north and south sides, and we have a solid team of climbing Sherpas and base camp staff fully employed by Adventure Alternative Nepal. The Nepalese company is fully registered and we provide full training and insurance for all staff. We offer a fully… (more)

  • Kinabalu & Tambuyukon
    Kinabalu & Tambuyukon (7)

    This is an exciting and varied 18 day adventure programme for small groups under expert leadership to experience the rainforest and climb the two peaks of Mount Kinabalu and the rarely climbed Mt Tambuyukon, and spending some unique time exploring the roof of Borneo. RAINFOREST (4 days) MOUNT TAMBUYUKON (4 days) LUPA MASA ECO CAMP (2 days) MOUNT KINABALU (3 days) BEACH & TRAVEL (3 days)

  • Picnic With The Penan
    Picnic With The Penan (7)

    Few trips can genuinely claim to offer the experience of visiting a little known jungle tribe and to view a project in forest enrichment which is attempting to tackle the effects of climate change and the destructive impact of logging. But this trip for adults into Sarawak offers that and much more, with wildlife high on the list. We do not run many trips to this region for fear of interfering too much with the traditional community life in the jungle, and we will only accept a… (more)

  • Borneo Adventure
    Borneo Adventure (7)

    This trip consists of three exciting elements, allowing you to experience the tropical coastline, trek in the amazing rainforest and climb the stunning mountain Mt Kinabalu which is a highlight of the holiday. We will also go white water rafting, kayaking and snorkelling as well as visiting the world famous Poring Hot Springs and of course the vibrant Malaysian city of Kota Kinabalu.

  • Borneo Wildlife Safari
    Borneo Wildlife Safari (7)

    The rainforest is legendary for its flora and fauna. On this trip we take you into the heart of the Sabah jungle to get up close to the creatures that inhabit it. Amongst the wealth of insects we hope to find Orang-utan, Pygmy Elephant and Probiscus Monkeys. We will see a range of habitats including the deep forest, the rocky reaches of the jungle peaks and the river arteries that snake though the trees. We spend time walking amongst the jungle, relaxing in the Lupa Masa… (more)

  • Mount Kinabalu
    Mount Kinabalu (7)

    At 4,095m Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Borneo, and in the whole region between the Himalayas and the snow mountains of New Guinea. Lacking foothills it appears to shoot straight up into the sky, it’s jagged granite peaks floating high above the clouds. The mountain is U shaped and there is a bare rock plateau at about 3,900m, on top of the two arms called the Eastern and Western plateaus. In between is the infamous Lows Gully, which is over one kilometer deep in places

  • Mount Meru
    Mount Meru (1)

    Mount Meru is an active volcano located 70 kilometres (44 miles) west of Mount Kilimanjaro. It reaches 4,566 metres (14,980 feet) in height but has lost much of its bulk due to an eastward volcanic blast about 8,000 years ago. Mount Meru most recently had a minor eruption about a century ago. The several small cones and craters seen in the vicinity reflect numerous episodes of volcanic activity. Mount Meru has a spectacular ash cone in her centre that has formed in the old… (more)

  • Muztagh Ata
    Muztagh Ata (7)

    Muztagh Ata is an isolated mountain massif between though seperate from, the Pamir and Kunlun ranges in Xinjian province in Western China. It is the 43rd highest mountain in the world but as an isolated massif it has a high prominence of 2735m so that towers impressively over the Karakoram Highway snaking along along the arid valley below. Appropriately, in the local Uyghur dialect, Muztagh Ata roughly translates as 'father of ice mountains'. The Mustagh Ata massif is torn by… (more)

  • Mount Kenya
    Mount Kenya (14)

    The beautiful, snow capped peak of Mount Kenya is the second highest point in Africa at 5199m. It is a challenging and popular destination for trekkers and climbers. The main summit is called Batian and the second summit Nelion (5188m), both of which are technical climbs; but a third peak, Lenana, at 4985m is more accessible and a very feasible goal for fit people.

  • Ojos del Salado, Chile
    Ojos del Salado, Chile (20)

    A great South American mountain, the highest active volcano in the world and the second highest in the continent

  • Island Peak
    Island Peak (7)

    Island Peak or Imja Tse, 6189m, a challenging but achievable trekking peak in the Everest region of Nepal, ideal as a first taste of mountaineering in the high Himalaya.

  • Mt. Elbrus - South Route
    Mt. Elbrus - South Route (7)

    We are now the leading high-quality guiding company on Mt Elbrus, offering superior trips which combine Alpine skills with trekking, climbing one of the seven summits and a great visit to Moscow.

  • Sahara trip, Niger
    Sahara trip, Niger (28)

    The land of timeless beauty, this trip is all about experiencing the stunning Tenere region of the Sahara and discovering the culture of the Touaregs on camel, in 4x4s and trekking !

  • Gap Kenya Full Set
    Gap Kenya Full Set (36)

    Gap programmes to Kenya - teaching and medical electives and the very best experience of living in the community, in your own house with all our staff and the whole community to look after you.

  • Mount Aconcagua
    Mount Aconcagua (6)

    Adventure Alternative are embarking on this exciting expedition to Aconcagua, at 6,962m, the highest point in the Western hemisphere and the highest mountain outside of Asia. This is a challenging climb for people who aim to reach a high point in their mountaineering life. It is led by a very experienced team and will fulfil ambitions and build experience for any aspiring seven summiteer or anyone who is looking to reach new heights!

  • Medical Electives in Tanzania
    Medical Electives in Tanzania (3)

    We offer medical electives in Moshi, Tanzania at the Mawenzi district hospital which is very needy and has many departments but will give you the true African experience.

  • Medical electives in Nepal
    Medical electives in Nepal (5)

    6 weeks in two hospitals which we work with in Kathmandu plus living in our house, everything included and options to also go on a Base Camp trek.

  • Medical Electives in Kenya
    Medical Electives in Kenya (6)

    We offer six week electives in hospitals and clinics around the country plus full support with your own house, pick-ups, transport, staff and all paperwork taken care of

  • Gap Nepal
    Gap Nepal (23)

    We offer you the unique opportunity to discover life as the Nepalese live it. You can live in a Himalayan village and work in the local school, live in our house in Kathmandu while working in a city secondary school and perhaps trek to Everest Base Camp.

  • Summit photos, Everest, Nepal, 2011
  • Front page
    Front page (33)

    Website frontpage flash

  • The Great AA Family !!
    The Great AA Family !! (35)

    We offer great trips around the world predominantly because we have great staff, reflecting years of friendships and expeditions.

  • The Ice Fall, Everest, Nepal 2009
  • Island Peak, Everest, Nepal 2009
  • Camp2 - Everest 2009
  • Camp 3, Everest, Nepal, 2009
  • Safaris, Kenya
    Safaris, Kenya (10)

    Go on a safari to Kenya, trek Mt Kenya, explore East Africa, hire our trucks or vehicles, stay in our travellers campsite. We have over 10 years experience running safaris so give us a call for the tailormade holiday of a lifetime!

  • Black Cats Football Tour, Kenya
    Black Cats Football Tour, Kenya (1)

    This is a really unique chance to explore Kenya through the eyes of our football team which we set up with our charity. Go on tour and play football with the kids, see Kenya and make a difference

  • Everest Base Camp 2009
  • Everest Walk-In, Nepal, 2009
  • Transylvania, Romania
  • Africamp 2, Kenya
  • Safaris in Tanzania
  • Everest Base Camp, Nepal
    Everest Base Camp, Nepal (31)

    The greatest trek in the world to the highest peak in the world, and we have the experience and skills to get you there after 15 years of expeditions in this Himalayan Kingdom.

  • Borneo Trips
    Borneo Trips (2)

    We operate bespoke expeditions into the primary and secondary rainforest of Sabah and Sarawak, plus climbs of Mt Kinabalu, rafting trips and diving. Steve Pinfield is our Borneo guide and these trips are good for adventurous people of average to good physical ability

  • Kilimanjaro - The Roof of Africa, Tanzania
    Kilimanjaro - The Roof of Africa, Tanzania (34)

    Dominating the landscape like no other mountain, Kilimanjaro is the highest volcano in the world and the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5895 metres. It is one of the fabled Seven Summits, the highest peak in Africa and a great challenge for the adventure traveller and aspirant mountaineer.

  • Everest BC, Nepal, 2011/05/17
  • Africamp - Kenya
    Africamp - Kenya (46)

    This is the perfect expedition for young people to Africa, a month away on an amazing trip climbing Mt Kenya, going on safari, exploring by 4x4 trucks and doing incredible work with street kids and the communities who most need help.

  • Tanzania Safari Vehicles
    Tanzania Safari Vehicles (1)

    Adventure Alternative Tanzania has a wide range of safari vehicles inc. Toyota Land Cruisers, Land Rovers and Safari trucks and vans.

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