Mount Kinabalu climate

As you would expect, the weather in the rainforest is warm and humid year round. Temperatures will ususally be between 23-31degC with Releative Humidity ranging from 70-90%. Trips can be taken to the area at any time of year but usually the best time is from March to May when the weather is generally a bit more dry and clear. Annual rainfall is in the region of 4000mm.

At any time of the year the trek though the rainforest will leave you drenched in sweat a lot of the time and it becomes very important to re-hydrate regularly and to take time to acclimitise to the heat and humidity without over stretching yourself. We will take regular breaks and the river crossings will provide some degree of refreshing cooling.

On Mt Kinabalu we ascend to higher and more exposed regions, breaking through the forest canopy and onto a rocky plateau. Up here early morning temperatures can drop to freezing level and you may see frost in shaded spots. In additon we are also exposed to the wind. The windspeeds are likely to be 10-20km/h but can increase to in excess of 50km/h at short notice and be accompanied by sheets of torrential rain. In addition to the rain its self we may spend some time literally in the clouds as they make their way accross the mountain. In this situation the Relative Humidity will of course approach 100% and we will see water condensing all over us. There is however a payback for the rainstorms; some of the most spectacular and memorable sunsets that you will see anywhere on earth.