This is a four day, 3 night trek into the interior of Sarawak to live with the last nomadic tribe in Borneo, the Penan Tribe. We trek deep into the Ulu Baram region to remote villages and hidden waterfalls. We stay with the community and immerse ourselves in this fascinating culture to see how they live and enjoy being guests in their village. The villagers will take you on 'expeditions' into the forest where they go hunting and foraging, they will show you the land and the waterfalls and how the logging has affected their livelihoods.

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In the village you can stay in one of the traditional homes, but you can also experience life in a hammock by making your own 'roof' from giant leaves. The Penan don't need much in the way of belongings and this trip is an experience in slow living and using resources carefully and subsistently. You will be guided by one of the Penan who speaks English and will introduce you to everyone from the blow pipe maker to the chief.

The importance of preserving and learning from the indigenous people across the globe has never been stronger. The Penan people of the Sarawak region of Borneo face a continued struggle against deforestation and the loss of their native culture. In this trip we are hosted by the Penan people on their own terms in a partnership designed to support their communities through sustainable tourism and education in the issues that jeopardize their survival.

The trip will allow you to see how the local people run a seed collecting and tree planting programme and, depending on the time of year, you can see the people collecting seeds, planting saplings and working at the nurseries, while staying in the Penan villages and seeing how this amazing tribe lives.

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Lupa Masa Jungle Camp survival skills

At the same time you experience a real adventure just getting there! We use a combination of air, boat and 4x4 jeeps to arrive near the Penan settlements, after which you are guided on foot by the local people and hosted in their homes. This is very much off the tourist trail, but the financial benefits of this holiday are already enabling the villagers to send their children to school and provide primary healthcare.

£695.00 per person

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