Borneo Kit Tips


  • Pack as light as you can: the jungle is hot and humid and the route is hilly
  • Good quality dry bags are essential – ensure everything is in dry bags - it will rain (probably a lot!)


  • For women a sarong is very useful for bathing and walking down to the shower/river or just for wearing in the evenings. You must wear something so cover up while bathing
  • Take seamless socks – due to the wet environment you tend to get blisters around the seams
  • Stick to putting your wet clothes back on in the morning – don’t give in and put a dry set on, you will regret this in the evening!
  • Shorts are fine for the day, and most of the Penan people wear shorts but trousers do give you more protection from spiky branches, insects and leeches
  • Running/sports tops are good for your day clothes – you need something that has the best chance of drying doesn’t hold too much moisture
  • One set of day trousers is fine (for a 6 day) trip, but take two tops – they do get pretty wet and damp. This does depend on your preferences, but remember you don’t want any extra weight!
  • Wear tight cycling shorts under your shorts/trousers – good/essential leech protection
  • Don’t forget leech socks – you can buy these in Borneo for about 20 MYR (about £4)
  • Adidas Kampung shoes (shown in the photo below) are essential; other shoes won’t grip enough as it is very slippery and will get too waterlogged and heavy. You can buy these in Borneo for about 6-10 MYR (about £1.20 - £2). Wear these in around the city/your hotel before leaving to minimise your chances of getting blisters. These shoes do not give you much/any ankle support: consider wearing a supportive bandage



  • A light weight sleeping bag is recommended: it can get cold at night, particularly when sleeping in hammocks


  • A watch with a light and alarm is extremely useful
  • There is nowhere to charge electrical items in the villages; consider taking a spare camera battery

Food and Drink

  • Take some snacks/energy bars with you – these can be bought in Miri
  • AquaPure traveller water bottles are strongly recommended: there are enough streams along the way for you to fill up when you run out, so this really cuts down the amount of water you have to carry. When camping in the jungle you will always be staying by a river or stream, all the villages are very close to a river.


  • Take a plastic bag for all your rubbish: any rubbish you have needs to be taken back to Miri with you and disposed of there 
  • If you have space you may want to take a book about the birds or animals of Borneo – you will hear so many noises but sometimes you can’t see the animals; your guides will be able to tell you the name to look them up