When is the best time to visit Borneo?

In general the best time is between March and October when Borneo is having it's 'dry' season and the rivers are low. There will be plenty of sunshine and although there will still be rain, it's the best time to be wildlife spotting as the animals have to come further out of the forest to find water. This would be the most popular time for trips like our Borneo Wildlife Tour with the most likely sighting of wild orangutans.

From November through to February Borneo experiences its 'wet' season or monsoon. It is hot and humid but a lot quieter with fewer tourists.

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On a month-by-month basis you will find different changes in Borneo. If you're there during January and February you should expect daily afternoon monsoon downpours. Things then dry up over April, May and June with the awakening of flowers and jungle foliage, which adds a lush and colourful background to any trip or adventure. July is Borneo's high season, as it’s the traditional holiday and festival month. August and September are still relatively dry, but of course you always have to be prepared for the odd shower! October and November is deemed low season as the rains become more frequent, but don't let that put you off as the odd shower means less people and a more intimate experience! December brings us full circle and back into the 3 month monsoon season.

Since our trips are varied from climbing Mt Kinabalu to Biking and Hiking to enjoying the Mammals, Caves and Rivers, there are on occasion other weather issues to consider but in general it’s best to stick to the advice above and avoid the monsoon season as the trails can be muddy, and as much as we like to get out of the rain, so does the Borneo wildlife, making spotting it difficult!

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