Eclipse Chasers

Who are eclipse chasers?

Who are eclipse chasers? People who have seen an eclipse occur on the exact line of totality regularly describe it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience or as it having a ‘re-birth’ effect, but what if once-in-a-lifetime isn’t enough? For eclipse chasers, it simply isn’t; they travel the world chasing the next eclipse to far-flung destinations making sure to find the best location closest to the line of totality and for the longest period.

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The next total solar eclipse begins on March 9th 2016, crossing the Indian Ocean and casting its shadow over Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi before reaching the northern Spice Islands of Indonesia. Lasting for a maximum of 4minutes, 9seconds, and spanning a maximum width of 155Km, the Indonesia eclipse will allow ‘chasers’ views on the line of totality in only a few tropical locations.

Eclipse Chasers follow the Indonesia Eclipse 2016

Adventure Alternative has sought out one such location for our trip this year. Idyllic Moti Island off the coast of the historic Sultante of Ternate is where our travellers will experience the solar eclipse for more than three minutes. A volcanic island with only a few small villages, guests will have the option to camp overnight on the beach or stay in a family homestay, making this a rare opportunity to enjoy such a natural phenomenon with the local community.

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Adventure Alternative's Eclipse Chasers

Many guests have travelled with us before on our eclipse adventures; earlier this year we took fifteen eclipse chasers to northern Norway to view the total solar eclipse on an arctic panorama. A unique event, the 2015 eclipse was only visible on the line of totality from one populated area and the exact location we journeyed to was Svalbard in northern Norway. 

Especially striking, total solar eclipses completely affect our senses; as the light fades and all the planets and stars of our solar system brighten against the black sky, it can be easy to see why people will travel again and again to chase this exceptional natural occurrence.

Can you become an Eclipse Chaser?

From Arctic to tropics, join us as we chase the next eclipse trip in Chile in 2019!