Indonesia Eclipse Tour

Last night, large parts of Western Europe, North Africa and North America were lucky enough see the total lunar eclipse coinciding with the unusual astronomical event, a supermoon. Watchers will have seen the moon appear much larger than normal, as well as turn rust red in colour as the Earth, Sun and Moon were almost completely in line. This phenomenon will not happen again before 2033, but eclipse enthusiasts need not wait that long.

Adventure Alternative’s Indonesia Eclipse Tour

Our two-week Indonesia Eclipse Tour will run early next year and give guests the chance to see the 2016 total solar eclipse from the line of totality. Through first hand research and recce trips, our staff have designed an itinerary that flies, climbs and sails to the small volcanic island on Moti - a tropical island among the fabled Spice Islands in Eastern Indonesia.

Famed for their powerful Sultan and their role in the colonial 'spice wars', the mythical Spice Islands have held allure for travellers for centuries. Majestic volcano landscapes, grand colonial forts and boundless indigenous wildlife make this destination one of Indonesia’s finest for an Indonesia Eclipse Tour.

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Indonesia Eclipse Tour- More than an eclipse

However, our Indonesia Eclipse Tour will give travellers more that just a chance to see the upcoming total eclipse.  Starting in Java, highlights include a four-day adventure trip to Mount Bromo, a visit to one of the Seven Wonders of the world to see the Borobudur temples, and several days exploring north Sulawesi. Our Indonesia Eclipse Trip will finish trekking active volcanoes and lowland forest in search of rare native wildlife in the Tomohon Highlands and Tangkoko National Park.  The Indonesia eclipse trip will finish on the unique black sand beaches of the Lembeh Straits where travellers can unwind above or below water in what is a spectacular marine reserve.

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Who would love our Indonesia Eclipse Tour?

Our Indonesia Eclipse Tour appeals to many an explorer.  Travellers interested in culture and religion will marvel at the ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples in Java, while history lovers will enjoy the colonial forts and architecture or Ternate.  For wildlife enthusiast, Sulawesi is a must see; from black crested macaques, tarsius and the elusive babirusas to the incredible native birdlife, our Indonesia Eclipse Trip will satisfy any nature lover. As with all our adventures, the Indonesia Eclipse Tour is for those wanting to get off the ‘tour-bus’ and out and about. Be it up a volcano or through primary rainforest, this trip will lead travellers through spectacular landscapes.

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