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A popular and successful form of charitable fundraising has flourished over the last decade whereby groups embark on a 'challenge' type expedition in order to act as a catalyst to sponsorship and donation for a given cause. This is a form of fundraising that can be very genuine and successful if approached in the correct way but one that can be fraught with controversy if not approached in a transparent and credible manner. We have the experience and resources to allow your aspirations to be realised and justifiably celebrated.

Adventure Alternative provides a bespoke and professional service for groups or charities wishing to undertake challenges at any of our destinations, with no additional premium and a highly flexible arrangement. We do not outsource our services or facilities, and we have our own resources and staff in-country to handle most group sizes and with customised dates.

We have many years of experience working with charities, for example Crói, DEBRA and Bóthar (Ireland), Granaghan Outreach and Smile Foundation (Northern Ireland), Big Brothers (Canada), Climb for Cancer (Dubai), Children of Fire (South Africa), Nasio Trust (England), GibMission (Gibraltar), Moving Mountains (UK & Ireland).

We also have many years of experience working with corporations, companies and organisations, for example Nestlé Russia (Mt Elbrus), Bristol University (Nepal, Borneo) and FindingLife Canada (Kenya). Many of these trips are undertaken as team building or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs. Our Kenyan company regularly runs teambuilding sessions with organisations based in Kenya.

We can offer challenges at a range of levels of difficulty from a low level trek in the rainforest of Borneo or cycling trips in Africa to trekking peaks such as Mount Kilimanjaro or on to different levels of mountaineering expeditions such as Mount Elbrus in Russia or even climbs of Mount Everest. For almost any of the adventure trips shown on our website we can coordinate a corresponding charity challenge.

We offer some specific advantages to charities and even individuals wishing to do a trek or climb to raise money for their chosen charity, and these are:

  • We do not hold you or tie you into a contract for a minimum number. Like all our trips, the minimum number is a standard three people, and we don’t charge a premium for charity groups.
  • We can either offer private trips for groups for a specific cause, or else your fundraisers can join any of our scheduled trips, which means that you have maximum flexibility and multiple options to offer.
  • We have all of the necessary risk assessments, credentials and policies for insurance, Legal professionals, Boards and Trustees to view. We also have financial protection in place, tour operator insurance and plenty of testimonials over the past ten years pertaining to our services.
  • We offer a 5% discount for any charity group over 10 people.
  • We can provide trip briefing sessions with your group, including powerpoints, kit checks, advice on travel, training, preparation and teamwork.
  • We have a contract with Interhealth in London that provides a comprehensive travel health advice service and vaccination service in London, plus a 24/7 Doctors service during any of our trips, offering telephone advice and assistance for any emergency.
  • We have a large resource of our own local staff who have all received training and development in all areas of tourism, such as guiding, first aid, cooking and driving, and they are extremely competent with handling all expectations that are specific to different types of groups. We also are industry leaders in responsible tourism principles, especially with regard to wage levels, and we do not outsource.
  • We can work directly with you to tailor a trip specific to your needs and desires and can cater for any dietary requirements be that on health or religious grounds.
  • Our website offers an online Booking Page which holds all the information for group members, all flight details and any personalised preferences, which enables you to go online at any time prior to departure and add in all the information under your group name.
  • You can make direct access online or with video Skype with any of our staff in any of our regional offices, so you can speak directly to the guides, and also experienced staff in the UK who have personally done all the trips themselves and understand the needs of groups.
  • Our established position as a responsible operator and our direct link to charity and international development work ensures that the credibility and integrity of your own charity work can be maintained and upheld through the entire venture.
  • As an organisation we also run and administer our own NGO and Charity network so we are well versed in the requirements and logistics of doing so. We can offer a unique perspective as a provider as we have direct experience of all aspects of charity and fundraising expeditions.
  • A great number of our overseas staff are former beneficiaries of our charity and NGO network. This allows them direct appreciation of the charity work that you are engaged in and the subtle difference between this and an ordinary 'holiday'.

For corporate groups we can meet the teams and discuss all the issues of teamwork and preparation for your trip, at a place convenient to you.

For individuals wishing to join one of our trips and use it to raise money for their chosen charity, we can assist with the preparation of any paperwork you might need, and you can join any one of our scheduled groups.

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