Trademark - Adventure Alternative logo is a registered trademark under Adventure Alternative Limited, under the number UK00003263490 in the United Kingdom in respect of Class 39 for tour operating activities. Our brand is a promise of an experience and level of quality that offers our clients assurance about the nature of the service they will receive, and we would aim to protect that brand quality and intellectual property right. Our main regional companies in Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal and Borneo are all licensed to use the trademark.

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Advertising ethos - We take care with our advertising and sales process to ensure that our clients are fully aware who is involved and who will be looking after each stage of the holiday. Our clients can communicate directly with our local companies and suppliers if they wish, and we will always endeavour to do our best to manage any situation as fast as possible and take our liability seriously as an organiser. 

Fair Trade Volunteering
We are founding members of this movement which endeavours to create equitable partnerships between sending organisations and host partners in foreign countries when trips are offered to volunteers and schools. We believe very strongly that these types of trips should be carefully arranged so that expectations from the visitor and host community are properly met, and also that the benefits for the host community are properly agreed and are fair.

British Standard 8848 for overseas expeditions
We have been independently assessed by the Young Explorers Trust to comply with the British Standard for organising and managing visits, fieldwork, expeditions, and adventurous activities outside the UK. We now self assess and maintain the high standards of the Standard for travel companies running school trips. 

The standard aims to reduce risk from injury or illness and provides those that comply with the standard with a way of being able to demonstrate that they are following good practice to manage the venture safely. BS 8848 specifies operational requirements for organisers of adventurous and educational activities abroad including university and academic fieldwork, gap year experiences, adventure holidays, charity challenges and research expeditions.