Tanzania School trip food and accommodation

Through the course of your trip you will experience a range of different types of accommodation and will have the opportunity to eat and even learn to prepare traditional East African food. In this way we aim to give you a full and rich cultural experience and allow you to see what life in rural Africa is like for rural East-Africans rather than for tourists passing through. The accommodation will primarily be camping but also with the possibility of homestays with local families in their own houses.

On the project phase of the trip we will camp in a large group with all the staff, the Africampers and also the local kids from the local community. We will sleep mainly in large safari tents. These sleep 4 people, are large enough to stand up in and have a covered porch area at the front. For our communal cooking area we may have a large mess/kitchen tent or perhaps a small local building. The tents are large enough to live in comfortably as long as you are fairly organised with your belongings and work as a team with your tent-mates. The toilets will be shared facilities which will almost certainly be squat-type toilets. We will bring shower tents in which you can wash with hot water.

Mountain Huts
On the expedition phase on Mount Meru we will usually use the mountain huts. These are basic and unheated but a welcome refuge in a hostile environment. Usually our meals will be cooked as a group by our mountain staff.

As part of the programme you may be offered the opportunity to stay with a local host family in their own home. It is likely that the home will be that of one of your local peers with whom you will be travelling. We will provide an appropriate amount of money and/or supplies to the family so that they are not left wanting because of it. Obviously the style, size and facilities at the home will vary according to specific circumstances. However we will ensure that the facilities available to you are sufficient for your needs. This part of your stay puts you in a very privileged position to experience real East African life and the essence of local culture, it is one that will stay with you long into your future.

During your stay in Tanzania the vast majority of the food that you eat will be prepared by ourselves in our accommodation or camp. Our staff are masters at cooking large volumes of tasty food in even the most basic of environments. However we will require you to help with the processes of preparing and clearing up the meals. Again this can be a fantastic opportunity to gain first hand experience of another essential part of any culture. You will also learn skills and principles that are transferable to cooking any food any where any time. Traditional Tanzanian food is healthy, tasty and often very filling. Staple foods in East Africa include ugali, rice, chapatis, beans, potatoes, vegetables, meat and chicken. The predominant local foods also vary slightly by area and according to what the main crops are locally. For example some regions have vast fields of pineapples, some have bananas, maize, sugar cane, tea, coffee or rice paddies. We will of course cater for any medical food requirements and to some extent for group consensus on taste. However, do not expect to be eating all traditional European foods or having endless varieties of ingredients.