Volunteer fundraising guide

The information on the documents below gives a guide for volunteers who are fundraising for or in relation to Moving Mountains. You can click on the pages to enlarge them. It would be a very good idea to print at least one copy of the first page to have with you when-ever you are doing fundraising activities.

Your fundraising target for Moving Mountains is making a genuine difference to children and communities in Kenya, Nepal and Borneo, and by joining a volunteering or international development trip you are committing to supporting the children and communities that you will be working with.

For us the beauty of our volunteering and international development trips is that you have the chance to see exactly how fundraised money is being used on the ground, it is this transparency that has helped to make Moving Mountains the successful charity that it is today.

Fundraising is not always easy but if you approach it in a confident manner and put the effort in then you will find that it is not as difficult as you might have first thought. Setting up an online giving page using BT MyDonate or Justgiving allows people to donate to Moving Mountains directly on your behalf. It also lets you keep track of the amount raised. For fundraising in Ireland use MyCharity

The following are a few tips and ideas to get you started but not all of these will suit you personally. Try to think outside the box, try new ideas and involve other people; when people know what the money is going towards you’ll find that most people are really supportive.

Fundraising Tips
•    Make sure your fundraising page is interesting, engaging and explains exactly why you are fundraising for Moving Mountains, people like to know what their donation will help to support.
•    Time donation requests, people are more likely to be generous with their sponsorship directly after payday.
•    Don’t forget to ask for Gift Aid as it means more money goes to your charity (and your fundraising target!).
•    Ask close friends and family to donate first as other people may then match their generosity.
•    Add some perspective around a suggested donation, for example £20 might mean missing visit to a restaurant.
•    Set yourself small weekly fundraising targets rather than thinking about a larger and daunting total target.
•    Get friends and family to spread the word about your fundraising too – they’ll be keen to help you get more sponsors.
•    Make use of social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc are great tools for promoting findraising.
•    Mention your fundraising events in your answerphone messages, email signatures, notice boards, anywhere you can!

Fundraising Ideas
•    Fundraising parties/Social events (coffee mornings, night at the races, bbq’s, etc)
•    Collections (bucket collections, supermarket bag packing, etc)
•    Sponsored events (mountain climbs, fun runs & marathons, etc)
•    School & University appeals (assemblies, non-uniform days, RAG, etc)
•    Church & Community group support
•    Local newspapers and media (articles and broadcast advertising your events)
•    Sales (setting up tuck shops, selling unwanted items on Ebay, etc)
•    Local Businesses (letter writing to selected companies for support)
•    Support from family and friends

Whatever your Moving Mountains fundraising target is we find that it is better to think of it in smaller sums, for example a target of £500 could be 50 people each donating you £10... Always keep in your mind what you are fundraising money for, it is not for you to go out on holiday but is an amount which is going directly to the charity to improve the lives of hundreds of children.