Climbs of Mount Toubkal

The Atlas range extends 1500km across the north west corner of Africa, through Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia. The highest point in the range is Jebel Toubkal in Morocco, one of the most famous climbs in the Atlas Mountains. There are also a number of other peaks over 4000m high. The character of the peaks is very different in summer and winter with lots of snow and ice in the winter allowing winter climbing and mountaineering in the high Atlas mountains. We offer trips in both seasons to this mountain and a combination of treks in the area with the summit.

A walking trek through the Atlas Mountains takes you through the lands of the Berbers who have a history that pre-dates the arrival of Islam and the Arabs. Walking through the Moroccan Atlas is a wonderful way of exploring the area and also enjoying the fabled hospitality of these people, plus of course the food. This is an ancient culture and in many ways the people have changed little, their friendly nature and hospitality is a big part of the experience of being in the mountains. 

We have our own operation based in Marrakech with wonderful guides and staff who enjoy showing you their country. Our climbs of Mount Toubkal are safe and properly managed, and we can offer either camping trips or accommodation in simple mountain lodges or the more luxury kasbahs. Transport into the Moroccan Atlas can be by car or helicopter, buy beyond the town of Imlil you are on foot supported by mules to carry the luggage and Berber guides. It's a simple way of life, experiencing the beauty and solitude of the mountains and with the added challenge of reaching the summit of Mount Toubkal, which is the highest peak in north Africa. 

The Atlas mountain range is special in that it is a natural barrier between the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines and a buffer to the Sahara Desert. The mountains extend almost 2400 kilometres through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. To visit here is to experience a particular climate and culture that has been built on a way of life that began in the oases of the great desert. The architecture of the mosques and the kasbahs is perfectly in tune with the environment, an exotic escape just a few hours from northern Europe.