Suggested kit list for climbing Toubkal 

Travel clothes can be left at guesthouse- bring a spare stuff sack for them to go in. 
See additional winter items below. 

Large duffle bag or rucksack (please make sure kit bags have shoulder straps because in winter the mules only go as far as the snowline, after which porters carry the bags to the hut)
40-45 litre rucksack 
Small stuff sacks, waterproof, various sizes.

Waterproof shell jacket and trousers
Gaiters (optional in summer, essential in winter)

Insulated jacket (full down jacket for winter)

Fleece tops (extra for winter)
Trekking trousers or softshell
Shirts and T-shirts and shorts for summer
Underwear (synthetic dries quicker)

Warm hat
Sun hat
Glacier/sunglasses cat 3 UV polaroid
Ski Goggles cat 2-3 UV polaroid 

Liner gloves
Fleece gloves (waterproof in winter)
Mountain gloves - should be waterproof
Mitts - down or synthetic, windproof outer

Trekking socks
Trekking boots
Hut shoes - crocs or sandals

morocco kit list.jpg

Toubkal in the summer provides some rocky views.

Sleeping bag - 3 season. The bunks have mattresses and pillows. 
Sleeping mat for summer trips (sometimes in tents)

Head torch & spare batteries
Power pack - plugs are available in the hut for charging but in high demand
Camera, music etc

1 litre drink bottle
Trekking and energy snacks

Sun cream and lip salve
Toilet roll
Ear plugs for using in the refuge
Passport & copies, visa, insurance details, money, credit cards, plane ticket
Book, cards, games etc
Antibacterial hand gel
Wash kit - there are showers in the hut but not always hot

Antiseptic Wipes
Latex gloves
Zinc Tape
Rehydration Sachets
Throat Lozenges
Knee/ankle support eg. tubigrip
Crepe Bandage
Immodium for diarrhoea

Mount Toubkal - Winter (8)

In the winter, Toubkal turns into a snowy wonderland, often requiring crampons and an axe to climb.

Extra clothing and equipment for winter trips

Mountaineering boots - leather doubles, plastics or hybrids, B1 or B2 crampon compatible. (Scarpa Manta/Charmoz)
10 or 12 point crampons 
Walking axe & leash
Walking Poles with snowbaskets
Flask for hot drinks 
Warmer sleeping bag rated to minus 5 (blankets available to borrow if you need)
Harness - alpine is most comfortable
Screwgate HMS karabiners x 2
Climbing sling, long ~120cm
Gaiters (essential for deep snow)
Down jacket
Thermal Long sleeved top and bottoms
Balaclava or buff
Ski Goggles cat 2-3 UV polaroid 
Mountain gloves - should be waterproof
Mitts - down or synthetic, windproof outer
Mountain socks (and liner socks if you use them)
Helmet - optional. No danger of falling rock but potential head injury from a slip on the snow. 
Handwarmers - optional