Guide, Company Rep and Tour Leader

Lipman, like Kamander has worked with Adventure Alternative Tanzania since it's inception many years ago and he guides all of our Kilimanjaro climbs.

He is a very popular member of our team and works on all our climbs of Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru and also with all our university and school groups. He lives close to the village of Marangu and is also involved with the projects our charity, Moving Mountains also undertakes in the region. He is also the chairman of the Ng'aroni school which we support.

Lipman grew up on the slopes of Kilimanjaro where he worked initially as a porter, before climbing the ranks to a guide. He has climbed the mountain hundreds of times and is an excellent and very experienced guide who really looks after you as if you were his own son or daughter. He's a funny guy with a calming approach to everything he does and whether in a snow storm on Kilimanjaro or running a school camp in the Tanzanian heat he'll manage everything smoothly and safely.

He's also a great singer and dancer!