Medical Electives abroad in Kenya and Nepal

Adventure Alternative runs very successful medical school electives abroad and free Medical Camp programmes in Nepal and Kenya. The elective placements vary depending on the country and hospital that you choose but all offer something more than just a hands-on Elective experience. There are plenty of opportunities to explore more of the country or get involved with our charity, Moving Mountains Trust, international development projects and other volunteering options. 

We have city or urban options for both Nepal and Kenya or rural Electives in areas well away from traditional tourist trails. We provide all accommodation, transfers, travel and living costs, security at our guest houses and support staff. The staff are on hand throughout your time in the country to help with shopping, cooking, day/weekend visits, etc. We also make all the pre-trip arrangements with the hospitals or clinics on your behalf. 

Who attends medical school electives and medical camps abroad?

Medical and dental students are eligible to participate in our hands-on medical electives and camps. We typically offer spots to third-year students only. However, we do occasionally have some room for first and second-year students.

This is a hands-on learning elective where students get real-world opportunities to make an impact in the communities of Nepal and Kenya. Our aim is to get students involved in health clinics on a long-term basis and to volunteer abroad if they wish to with some of our charitable work. We encourage involvement post-trip whether that is helping us raise money or awareness, or coming back to help post-degree and give something back. 

Kenya Medical Elective (29)

Medical Elective students gain hands-on experience helping locals in Kenya.

Aside from medical student electives we also offer elective placements for Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, and Nursing electives as well. If you are already a medical professional, we can work with you to help find volunteering placements as well.

Do I receive credit for attending an elective overseas?

Yes, your medical elective will be signed off by the supervising Doctor. We have worked with students from the UK, Australia, parts of Europe, Malaysia and South Africa to name a few. Our programme is designed to give students the opportunity to gain real-world experience as required for their degree. Elective requirements are determined by each medical school. 

Students have the unique opportunity to work on health care with rural or urban communities in both Nepal and Kenya for their medical electives abroad. You will see cases for unique medical and dental problems that you don’t find at home. Overall, this program will give you a better understanding of medical problems plaguing the globe as well as a chance to make a real impact on local communities. It is an experience you will take with you forever.

Nepal Medical CampNepal Medical CampNepal Medical Camp (22)
Medical students help young families in the Khumbu Region of Nepal.

Who Attends Medical Camps?

Our Medical Camps are organised trips for larger groups run by our charity Moving Mountains, the advertised dates are fixed itineraries which Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy and Midwifery students can get involved with. There are more photos and further information about the Medical Camps on the dedicated website for students from Bristol University (you don't have to be a Bristol University student to access this website). 

Medical placements in Nepal

We offer two different trips to Nepal. One is based in Kathmandu, working in a local city hospital under the supervision of a trained medical professional in your area of study. You will spend most of your time in Kathmandu, a wonderful city bursting with cultural heritage. Accommodation is with a fabulous home-stay where you will live with a Nepalese family at their guesthouse.

Our Medical Camp in Nepal operates out of the rural village of Bumpuri. Here we offer medical and dental services to the rural communities in the Khumbu Region. The aim of the camp is to not only provide medical and dental treatments to villagers but to also educate the community on best health practices.

Nepal Medical Elective (9)

Students hard at work in a local area hospital of Kathmandu.

Medical placements in Kenya

Our Medical Electives in Kenya allow you to stay in either the Siaya District, Ulamba District, or Embu. You can also opt to stay in a combination of these places. We own guesthouses across Kenya that house our students and volunteers in a safe, social environment. During this experience, you will work with certified medical staff in helping impoverished communities in these regions. 

Our Medical Camp travels overland through the rural setting of Nyanza Province of Western Kenya. This is one of the poorest populated regions of East Africa. The camp will run for 10 days and in that time, you will work in medical clinics and a children’s home.

Kenya Medical Camp (19)

We are proud to help the urban and rural communities of Kenya. Our work in the medical field here makes a difference in the lives of the local people.

What are Accommodations Like?

Specific details regarding accommodations depend on the region you will be traveling in. However, we do provide safe and comfortable accommodation for you while you partake in our medical electives and camps. For example, in Kathmandu, you will be staying with Pasang Tendi Sherpa and his family at his spectacular guesthouse. 

All of our accommodation will provide you with the basic comforts you need to rest your head and relax each day. In Kenya, our Embu communal guesthouse in Kenya offers a chance to stay near a children’s’ home. You can spend your after-hours playing with the kids or relaxing in the common room with your fellow volunteers.

Accommodation in Embu (3)
Medical students relax after a day's work in the Embu Guest House. 

What Do I Need to Bring? 

Aside from appropriate clothing for the climate you will be traveling, we advise that you also bring your own work gloves and white coats. Be sure to bring some clothes to wear when you aren’t working at the camp or hospital. Typically, you can wear whatever is seasonally appropriate, but we do ask that you do not wear any revealing clothing and dress appropriately for the culture you are residing in.

During your medical electives and any type of volunteer abroad situation, you should dress nicely and professionally underneath your coat. In both Kenya and Nepal, people take note of your dress and demeanor. Always be polite, timely and professional while on duty.

Nepal Medical Camp (6)
A medical student enjoys some down-time with local Nepalese children.

Afterhours, a few creature comforts are always a nice touch. One of our students brought his guitar during downtime. Some books, a journal, or a few games from home are always encouraged. 

Participating in volunteering and electives abroad is a special experience, we encourage you to take full advantage of your time with us. Enjoy engaging with the local communities and helping out in a meaningful way.