Chris has been managing trips for Adventure Alternative since 2002 and he specialises in the Kilimanjaro and Elbrus trips, plus the treks in Nepal and school trips in Kenya & Tanzania. He speaks knowledgeably on all aspects of these trips and has worked closely with the Tanzanian, Kenyan, Russian and Nepalese staff for many years. He also leads many of our youth trips in Kenya and Tanzania and has numerous treks and climbs under his belt in East Africa and Nepal.

Chris and Rosie (who also works for Adventure Alternative) have two children, Kioni and Robyn, and they live in Portstewart near the sea so that Chris can enjoy his passion for surfing and taking his boat out for a days fishing. He is also a Trustee of Moving Mountains Trust and has been involved with the charity since it was first formed. He is involved with the day to day running of the charity and has visited many of the projects.


Andy MacDonald has been an operations manager for the company for over ten years now, and he specializes in all the Kenya trips and medical electives. He is married to a Kenyan lady too; he and Verah have two children, Ashley and Mali.

Andy was a stalwart of the Scouts when he was younger and went on many Scouting expeditions when Gavin Bate was the Venture Scout leader in Northern Ireland. After University in Sunderland, Andy worked in the outdoor retail industry and ended up as a store manager of a large store in Belfast where he learnt all about climbing and hiking equipment. At the same time Andy was still coming on expeditions with Adventure Alternative as a co-leader until he eventually started working full time.

Andy is also a founding Trustee of Moving Mountains and has been closely involved with all of the programmes and projects right from the start. He is currently the Treasurer of the Trust and spends a lot of time managing the accounting and budgets for the charity.

Nowadays Andy lives in Portstewart and is himself a Scout and Venture Scout leader, using his experiences to inspire other young people and take them on the type of trips that shaped his life when he was younger.

Rosie looks after all our clients accounts, trip bookings, payments and all office administration. 

Rosie grew up in a remote area of Wales in the middle of the Black Mountains where she had a wonderful upbringing surrounded by the great outdoors. Her formative years gifted her a great love for adventure, wildlife and exploring, which is still very much part of her life and character. After finishing her studies she worked on cruise ships, which took her around the globe from Alaska to Argentina and everywhere in between. She then went back to study accounts / bookkeeping and joined the Adventure Alternative team. 

Rosie has two children with her husband Chris, who also works for AA, called Kioni and Robyn. She loves being outdoors and steps up to challenges willingly be that a triathlon, an adventure race, a marathon or a Christmas day dip in the Atlantic! She spends lots of time walking around the coast, in the forests and hills of N. Ireland and loves to get out in her boat with the kids. Her next ambition is to start dinghy sailing and with her competitive spirit and love for a challenge, we know she'll be a natural!

Rosie has travelled to Kenya and Uganda with AA and dreams of going to the mountain kingdom of Nepal in the future.