Volunteer Coordinator

Beatrice Muthoni has been involved with Adventure Alternative since the very beginning, she was one of the first children that Gavin Bate supported and she attended Muthurwa Primary School along with many of the other street children initially supported by Adventure Alternative. 

Beatrice was one of the street scouts who regularly attended our Africamp summer jamborees for street children from all over East Africa and she was quickly identified as someone who would benefit from joining the Adventure Alternative family, even at a very early age she showed a true resilience to the obvious hardships that she faced daily and was always one of the most popular people in those early days.

After Primary School, Beatrice completed her Secondary education at All Saints Academy in Sagana, along with her best friend Fredah Auma (Fredah and Beatrice were inseparable growing up, wherever Beatrice was you were sure to find Fredah nearby!) and by 2010 she had graduated from All Saints Academy. Beatrice continued with her education in 2010, completing computer courses and volunteering with Adventure Alternative and Moving Mountains to get some much needed work experience.

Beatrice is now a qualified VCT (Voluntary Counselling and Testing) Counsellor (her higher education was spent at the Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development) and works on many of our Adventure Alternative trips as an assistant leader. She also works as one of our volunteer coordinators, quickly proving a popular figure with her caring and down to earth attitude.