Survival Skills Course at Lupa Masa Jungle Camp | Adventure Alternative

In celebration of International Rural Women’s Day, we’re talking about Alcey Kangit Gordon! Alcey is from Kiulu, a small rural village in Sabah, Borneo, is the mother of twin baby boys and is the highly skilled leader of our jungle survival skills course at Lupa Masa Jungle Camp. With years of experience leading youth groups on jungle expeditions, Alcey was the perfect fit for leading the survival courses at Lupa Masa Jungle Camp.

Lupa Masa Survival Course


So what skills do you learn on the survival course? We can’t give away all the secrets, but we can tell you what you’ll be able to achieve by the end of it! Starting with the basics, Alcey will teach you how to securely hang your hammock, how to build a shelter and what materials to use and even how to start a fire in a damp jungle environment. Learning how to distinguish the edible from the inedible, Alcey is a connoisseur on how to create ‘gourmet’ jungle cuisine and can expertly handle a parang (machete) for chopping, splitting and peeling bamboo. By the end of the course, you'll know how to navigate your way through dense jungle without equipment and will be able to survive jungle life for several days using only the materials of the forest.

‘Forget Time’ at Lupa Masa


In 2014, Alcey gave birth to twin boys with her wildlife guide husband, Michael and has been raising the babies in Lupa Masa Camp and her home in Kiulu, proving that the jungle isn’t as scary as it may seem for novices! The rivers and waterfalls nearby the lodgings are tranquil spots for a morning swim or an afternoon relaxing by the rocks, and the communal area has a great sunspot with hammocks and chairs for bird watching in the surrounding forest. Literally translated, Lupa Masa means ‘forget time’ in Malay, and that is something many guests have experienced during their visit to the camp.

Alcey now splits her time between being a mother of two and a jungle guide, and is an inspiring example of how rural women all over the world successfully break down gender stereotypes everyday.