Moving Mountains in Borneo

The remote jungles of Sarawak are the location for an environmental and community development project which Moving Mountains supported for seven years by funding a forest enrichment programme in the heart of a large area which is home to the Penan tribe. The trust donated a total of £45,750.00 over a period of six years by paying the local Penan people to plant trees instead of cutting them down and to manage local nurseries in the villages. We saw this as a contribution to deforestation caused by logging in the area which for a long time has been indiscriminate. 

Clients who visit this area are asked to voluntarily fund raise for Moving Mountains to support the Penan Koperasi who are also known as the Keepers of the Forest. The money would be used to build tree nurseries, collect seeds and transpose saplings to the logged areas and also monitor the newly planted areas. 

By allowing a controlled flow of visitors into the area, Adventure Alternative is helping to promote tourism and enable people to understand the importance of projects like this in the jungle as well as experience the remarkable way of life of the Penan people. 

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