Mount Kenya trekking kit list

To successfully summit Point Lenana on Mount Kenya you'll need kit which keeps you warm, dry, protected from the sun/rain and comfortable in the various environments that you'll find yourself in, below is a general summary of what you should be thinking about;

  • BAGS - A large duffle type bag for general use and leaving gear in Embu or Naro Moru, a medium-large rucksack for a porter to carry your kit on the mountain and a smaller pack for you to carry essential items during the trek
  • GENERAL CLOTHING - Clothing and footwear for travel to Kenya and prior to/after the climb
  • SHELL - Waterproof layer to keep off wind/rain. An umbrella can be very useful and gaiters, particularly when climbing during the rainy seasons.
  • INSULATION - Layered system to keep you warm on the mountain- body, hands, feet & head
  • FEET - Sturdy trekking boots, flip-flops/sandals
  • SLEEPING - Warm sleeping bag and camping mat to get a good nights sleep
  • EATING/DRINKING - Water bottles and favourite high-energy snacks
  • WASHING & MEDICAL - Suncream, Anti-Malarials and a small 1st aid kit/wash kit to allow you to wash and maybe stave off a headache or blister (the Guide will have a larger group one)

This list below is much more detailed and includes optional items and personal medical kit ideas, remember that synthetic clothing will dry much quicker than cotton;

Mount Kenya - Lenana Summit (1)

Gropu photo at the sumit of Mt Kenya on a chilly morning.

80-100 litre duffle/holdall bag (optional but useful before climb & to leave gear at the hotel)
65-75 litre rucksack (for a porter to carry your main gear)
Waterproof rucksack cover (optional - all equipment inside your pack should be well wrapped in plastic or waterproof bags)
35-45 litre day sack (for you to carry each day)

Large, lightweight umbrella (optional - can usually buy in Kenya)
Waterproof shell jacket
Waterproof shell trousers
Waterproof gaiters (optional)

Warm insulated jacket (fleece or synthetic/down insulated jacket)

Microfleece/soft shell/stretch mid-layer top
2 x pairs of trekking trousers (ones that convert into shorts are popular)
Shorts (to cover thighs, if your trousers are not convertible)

Long sleeve base layer top 
Base layer leggings/running tights 

Mount Kenya - Sirimon Route (17)

Stunning views of the Mt Kenya massif.

Warm hat (to cover ears)
Buff (optional but very useful)
Wide-brim sun hat or cap (with optional neck veil)

Thick insulated gloves or mitts
Thin liner gloves (optional but useful)

Liner socks (optional)
Good trekking socks
Waterproof trekking boots (NOT trekking shoes)
Trainers or flip flops/sandals

General Sweatshirt/tops and trousers/jeans
General T-Shirts/shirts etc 
General Socks 

Mount Kenya - Naro Moru Route (5)

The Naro Moru trekking route offers excellent views of the gendarmes that dot Mt Kenya.

3-4 season sleeping bag (comfort -5degC or lower)
Sleeping bag liner cotton/fleece/silk (optional)
Stuff sack for sleeping bag
Thick foam mat or self-inflating mat (like a Therm-A-Rest)

LED head torch & spare batteries
Watch with light and alarm
Camera, memory card & batteries or phone (optional)
Solar charger or power pack (optional)

Passport and photocopies of passport (kept separate from the passport)
Flight details
Student card (if relevant)
Insurance policy details
Yellow Fever certificate (if relevant)
Waterproof wallet for papers
Cash/bank cards
Notebook/diary & pencil/biro (optional)
Books, maps & information (optional)
Cards/games (optional)

REPAIR KIT (optional but useful)
Duck tape
Super glue
Cable ties
Needle + extra strong thread

2x 1-litre drinks bottles (Nalgene, Platypus, etc)
Favourite high energy snacks/energy drink powder

Mount Kenya - Chogoria Route

A high-alpine lake along the Chogoria route.

Toilet roll in a plastic bag 
Earplugs (optional but recommended!)

Walking Poles (optional but useful)

Antibacterial hand gel
Wet wipes (optional but useful)
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Shampoo and/or shower gel
Deodorant (optional)
Shave Kit + Mirror (optional)
Clothes wash liquid (optional)

PERSONAL MEDICAL KIT (suggested contents)
Paracetamol tablets
Ibuprofen (tablets/gel)
Antiseptic Wipes
Latex Gloves
Adhesive Plasters
Blister Plasters
Zinc Tape
Crepe Bandage
Sterile Dressing
Antihistamines (optional)
Rehydration Sachets
Antiseptic Cream
Sunblock Cream
Lip Salve (with SPF)
Knee/Ankle Support
Personal Medications eg Anti-Malaria Tablets, Inhalers, Epipen etc