Mount Kenya food and Accommodation

Huts and Camps on Mount Kenya

The camps on Mt Kenya are basic but clean. The camping grounds have running water and some have western toilets, the rest of the toilets will be of the long-drop type. There are also mountain huts which we may use for sleeping in and/or to prepare and serve our meals.

Mount Kenya - Lenana Summit (14)

A group heads up a snowy rock field on the way to Point Lena.

Toilets on Mount Kenya

All the campsites have latrines which are wooden huts with a floor and usually a long drop. Some latrines are worse than others, and it is not the job of the rangers to clean them. Company staff can do this job, but under duress, since many of the problems are caused by people who miss the hole and don’t clean up afterwards. Sometimes a visit to a latrine can be a dispiriting experience. It is important to take a torch with you at night and take a responsibility to keep the huts clean. A small bottle of hand sanitiser is strongly recommended for use afterwards. Going to the toilet behind a bush is strictly forbidden and the Ranger has the authority to send people off the mountain if they are caught, and fine the company.

Rubbish Disposal on Mount Kenya, Being More Sustainable

All rubbish is collected by the staff and carried down the mountain. Do not throw rubbish down the long drop (toilet paper is fine) and make a habit of picking up litter that you see on the trail. The responsibility for keeping the mountain clean is on the shoulders of every visitor.

Food on Mount Kenya

All our food is fresh and the meals are tasty and well prepared and served by our staff. Three-course meals with vegetables, fruit, salads, desserts, soups, popcorn, biscuits and a complete range of beverages including herbal teas. We want you to enjoy your holiday on Kilimanjaro and that means good food!  Our cooks are all well experienced in Western tastes so expect as an example a soup starter with bread, tomato and avocado side salad followed by chicken casserole with boiled potatoes and julienne carrots with a fresh fruit medley to finish with, and coffee and chocolate for supper.

If you have dietary preferences then do write this on your Booking Form, and also inform Adventure Alternative staff after your arrival/briefing. The cooks can easily cater for most preferences, although celiacs should bring their own supplies from home. We cannot buy gluten-free products in Kenya.

Sweets and chocolate are all available in the shops in Nairobi and in Naro Moru, as are things like batteries, but you may want to bring your own supply from home.

Mount Kenya - Sirimon Route (5)

The surreal landscape of Mount Kenya makes less-than-ideal bathroom situations well worth it!

Water and Water Purification on Mount Kenya

We do not bring bottled water on the mountain; we boil all water which comes from the rivers and glacial streams. The staff will fill your water bottles every evening. Feel free to bring some water purification tablets for yourself if you would like the extra reassurance (iodine is fine). You could also bring a Steripen which will also kill all germs.