Nepal, a local price guide.

Depending on your particular trek, expedition, elective or time volunteering with us in Nepal your trip will have differing inclusions and exclusions included in the trip fee. Following are some items and their costs that are generally not included in trip fees, which you can use as a guide to how much spending money you may need to bring with you to Nepal.

In Kathmandu –

Breakfast/lunch/dinner at the Adventure Alternative Guesthouse 450/650/700Rs
Breakfast at the hotel in Thamel ~ 550 Rs
Lunch in town ~ 750 Rs
Dinner in town ~ 800 Rs
Internet in hotel 250 Rs/hour (generally free in town)
1-litre mineral water in hotel 150 Rs in street Rs, 25
Beer/soft drinks 250 Rs (more in the hotels 500 Rs)

Whilst trekking in the mountains – Costs depend on location / height

1-litre mineral water 250 Rs to 450 Rs 
Extra boiled water in the lodge (1 litre) 200 - 300Rs
Coke/Fanta/beer 250 Rs – 450 Rs
Hot shower 250 Rs – 450 Rs
Charging 200 Rs/hour sometimes more for a power bank
WiFi ranges from 250 depending on amount of data. Some lodges have a shared network - ensure all background Aps are turned off.
Internet in Namche Bazaar 350 Rs/ an hour (dial-up)
Int phone call in Namche 220 Rs/ minute
Satellite call above Namche ~ 250 Rs/ minute (mobile covers the Solo Khumbu with a local sim card)
Upgrade to a shared room with bathroom 800 Rs
Upgrade to a single room with bathroom 1400 Rs
Upgrade to single normal room 200 Rs
Laundry ~ 40 – 100 Rs per item
Tea, coffee, hot lemon etc 60 – 150 Rs per cup
Hot drinks by flask – 1200 Rs

lodge nepal.jpg 

Typical Himalayan Lodges - hospitable, friendly and comfortable

lodge nepal 2.jpg