School Expedition Kenya

School Expedition


Testimonial by Mike (Canada)

Having been to Africa a couple of times before this trip to Kenya I had a pretty good sense of what to expect and I was still amazed by the experience. All of the staff in Kenya were wonderful. We could not have been welcomed or treated any better. They thought of everything.

The entire group came back to Canada having taken part in one of the best life experiences. Many of the youth are talking about returning to Kenya. The experience was certainly life altering and many of the youth I have spoken to have changed what they want to do with their life or are at least questioning many of what they felt were truths.

Both boys and girls were at time very emotional. In my experience boys especially don’t cry easily and certainly not publicly. A big thanks to everyone at Adventure Alternative and Moving Mountains those in Kenya and in the UK for all that you did to make this a truly magical experience for all of us.


Testimonial by Emma

My Adult africamp experience has been a 'once in a lifetime experience',one that I did not truly expect. Once you have visited Kenya and met the Moving Mountains staff, gained additional information about the specific projects, you will find it difficult to return home and forget about it. It will leave an everlasting impact on you as an individual, a key member of the group and as a professional worker who can support the charity from a different perspective.

You will come home really motivated, enthused and fully committed to the Moving Mountins charity and know that you have ultimately had a truly 'life changing' experience that will stay with you and will also ensure that you do not take your life for granted will want to maximise as many opportunities as you possible can. Please thank all of the team who made it so special. I am looking forward to seeing them all again in the summer.


Testimonial by Adult Africamper

I feel more alive since returning from Ulamba and learning so much about aspects of a community and the importance of good food, cared for children, good healthcare, smiley faces and keeping positive.


Testimonial by Ceri (UK)

The best travel experience i have ever been on and i have travelled extensively throughout many 3rd world countries, feeling safe and secure during the whole trip with indiginous people around which makes the trip as a whole an extremely worthwhile experience


Testimonial by Karen (UK)

My son did Kenyan Africamp and came back saying it can't be described in words and photos, you'd have to see it for yourself. I did and he was right!

The Kenyan staff are warm and welcoming and gave such an insight into their beautiful country. The work of Moving Mountains is awe-inspiring we visited Ulamba orphanage which is just a small part of the many projects they support.

As well as helping with this project we had 2 safaris, cycling and rock climbing and two amazing journeys across Kenya all packed into a 2 week stay. Fantastic experience and supporting the charity too!


Testimonial by Africamper from England

This has been the most humbling experience of my life. I want to change my name when I go home because I think I am a different person.

When people feel as though they are part of a team and part of a dream they discover themselves. It has been a relaxed and therapeutic 4 days here at Malindi. I have got to know the Adventure Alternative leaders; they are so good with us, caring and authentic. What a privilege to be accepted by them. A month to remember and savour.

If we had chosen the ‘easy way’ we would have taken a routine safari to Kenya with any High Street Tour Operator, and probably experienced very little except for panoramic scenery. We have chosen a hard route and tomorrow will see the culmination of a lot of personal and team effort.

In the evening the bonfire burst into crackling flame and released wild life in kids and leaders alike – crazy, free leaping, dancing, singing round the fire – Christian songs, Kikuyu chants – a great privilege to be there, spontaneous, natural.

I find the kids discover a lot of dignity in knowing mazungus care and respect them. An emotional day, but the kids who have nothing are cheerful to the end – what is their future ? Drugs, glue sniffing, AIDS and an early death ? Or will the Programme rescue them as it has with so many of them ?

Close encounter with a large bull elephant on the way. Suddenly appears out of bamboo jungle between the leading group and the rest of the party... However we all survive. I’ve seen a real live elephant!

A trip to a shanty town...the huts seem to grow out of the mud. The alleys of the town are just spaces between the huts. A rabbit warren of life, business and organisation combined, with no particular sense of urgency. So many children sat in the tunnels between the huts just watching the mazungus (white people). At the schools we were treated like royalty.
We can walk away, go back to camp. Go back to England. But to live with it ? Does this way of living really fit into this century, it is like walking through a timewarp. Wow.