Why Bulgaria should be your next holiday destination

With more and more people getting out in the mountains and using holidays to trek and climb it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good locations away from the crowds. Travellers are searching for new destinations for their outdoor preferences, destinations with beautiful unspoiled nature and mountain ranges which are in a safe location, reasonably priced and easily accessible.

The Balkan peninsula is one of those places – largely undiscovered and untouched by progress with beautiful alpine mountains but without the crowds of the Alps.

1. The Mountains

5 reasons to visit Bulgaria (4)

One thing Bulgaria is certainly not short of is mountains, with the alpine Rila and Pirin massifs and their rocky, pointed summits with hundreds of blue glacial lakes, or the Balkan range with its stunning waterfalls and sunny meadows, or maybe the Rhodopes with their lush forests and fascinating trails. The Bulgarian mountains will charm you with their fantastic views and offer some of the best hiking routes in Europe.

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2. The Winter

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Bulgaria is developing into one of the leading European destinations for winter mountain activities.

Whether you prefer ski touring, snowshoeing or winter mountaineering, in Bulgaria you will enjoy a fantastic adventure in the snowy summits and dramatic ridges of the mountain ranges. Sunny days, amazing scenery and a superb variety of routes for beginners to professionals awaits you.

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3. The Hospitality

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A proper adventurer needs proper rest and in Bulgaria you'll definitely enjoy the hospitality of the local people where you're guaranteed a warm welcome and great quality service in all kinds of accommodation, from five star hotels to cosy family owned guesthouses. Visitors can expect relaxation in great surroundings well away from the crowds, and all at a very reasonable price.

4. Culture and History

5 reasons to visit Bulgaria

Bulgaria is rated 3rd in Europe for its quantity of important cultural historical monuments. It is a destination with numerous important historical sites, from the dawn of European civilization to modern times. Bulgarians are very proud of their heritage, stories and folklore still form an important part of their lives where legends and traditions are passed from generation to generation.

Explore thousands of preserved architectural landmarks from Thracian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval Bulgarian and Ottoman civilizations across the country. This history is also captured in poetic songs, rituals, music, dance, costumes and jewellery.

5. Food and wine

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Bulgarian food is fresh and very tasty, famous for its quality vegetables and dairy products and its variety of mild spices. Pork and chicken tend to be the most common forms of meat, though fish and veal dishes are also popular and lamb has a special traditional place in Bulgarian cooking. And of course no visit would be complete without tasting the world famous Bulgarian wines.

Aside from the above, Bulgaria offers great nightlife and entertainment and pristine coastline with beautiful sandy beaches and clear seas, so even if your trip is focussed on the mountains adding a few days on at the end to relax on the beach is very easy, you're just a short internal flight away from the Black Sea or if you prefer to see more of the country, its a 5-6 hour road trip from Sofia to the coastline.