Climb Mt Kilimanjaro for Charity!

We often get asked, ‘how do I climb Mount Kilimanjaro for Charity?’ and the answer is easy, call us to have an initial talk about dates, numbers and promoting your idea. 

Charity treks are fantastic; they attract like-minded people and raise thousands upon thousands of pounds for some fantastic causes and charities around the world. By calling us you can climb Mt Kilimanjaro for our charity, your charity, or sign up to treks that we organise for other charities.

This is Holly who climbed Kilimanjaro with us in August and raised an amazing £1635 for WWF:

climb Kilimanjaro for charity

“After walking all day there was much peace and tranquillity to be found sitting on the edge of that momentous mountain. Far away from the distractions of everyday life I felt a deep connection to the Earth. I saw the landscape change from a vibrant, green jungle to a barren, rocky grey where the only life was us humans struggling to cope with the unfamiliar environment. At times the landscape looked like the bottom of the sea and at other times it really felt like Mars. I watched the white neck ravens soar above the clouds and I listened to the sound of their wings as they moved through the air. Every night we saw a blanket of stars fill the sky, watched shooting stars fly and even saw the Milky Way. To look beyond the Earth and see the magnitude and beauty of The Universe was an incredible experience. And of course it was sharing the experience with other people that made it so special”

Taken from Holly’s Blog

So how can I climb Mt Kilimanjaro for charity?

If you have a charity or cause that you already support then you have two ways of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to support them:

1) Have a look at our Kilimanjaro page, pick a route (we run treks on the Machame, Lemosho, Rongai and the Northern Circuit routes), a date, contact us with any questions, sign up for a climb and then use it to raise funds for your charity.


2) You can contact us and the charity that you'd like to support and we can chat with each other and put together a trip for you. The charity will probably set you a target to reach and assist with other elements of the trip such as promotion, fundraising support / events etc.

Whichever method you choose you should always inform the charity of your plans. If you plan to climb Mt Kilimanjaro as an individual you can join any of our advertised climbs. If there are four or more of you we can organise a private climb and depending on numbers we may also be able to offer you a discount.

We already manage a lot of climbs for different national and international charities. If you would like to sign up to one of them you’ll see them advertised in the media, or contact us and we’ll let you know which ones are coming up. You’d then pick a cause that you’d like to support and sign up!

Sunrise on Kilimanjaro

Final words are Holly’s:

“I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for being so fortunate in my life. Despite the lack of oxygen and difficulty breathing I felt a tremendous sense of safety with the moon and stars watching over me, as if Mother Nature had me in the palm of her hand. As we approached the top of Africa, colour seeped across the horizon and the sun boldly rose her head in a smile that warmed both our hearts and our frozen fingers. There are few times I can say I have genuinely experienced awe but this was certainly one of them.”