Volunteer providers

The volunteering and school expedition programme is run by three organisations and it is important to explain what each of them does and how they will all help you to have a safe and productive time abroad. All of them are interlinked in a model that was put together by Gavin Bate and it has created a supportive and complementary network and staff structure which enables us to run these trips and be confident that they represent ‘clever’ aid and relevant sustainable developmental.

Your involvement is part of something long lasting, and you will start to see that as you go on the trip.

Adventure Alternative is the company that provides the trip and all the logistics and support and staffing. There is an Adventure Alternative UK and there is also an Adventure Alternative Kenya (and Nepal, Tanzania, Russia, Borneo). Each regional company is standalone but receives investment and resources from the UK to provide a high level of salary and training for the employees. Any volunteering trip is regarded as a holiday and 'AA' is the registered tour operator which can legally advertise and sell such trips. It provides financial bonding and insurance plus the staffing to manage all the logistics of your trip. 

Moving Mountains is the charity that provides the projects and the programmes. It is financially supported by the company in terms of nearly all the administration and overheads. There is a Moving Mountains UK and there is also a Moving Mountains Kenya (and Ireland, Nepal and Borneo). Each regional NGO is standalone but receives the funding for all the projects and programmes it implements. Some of that money comes from donations, some from fundraising events, and some of it comes from clients such as volunteers and school trips or fundraising trips. Every project and programme you visit is benefiting by the money you are raising, and you will see it every step of the way.

AA UK provides

  • all the pre-trip training and post-trip support
  • all the administration for the group going on your trip
  • financial protection for your money
  • expert advice and monitoring of your trip throughout
  • investment in the equipment you will use, eg trucks, tents
  • organisation membership eg Association of Independent Tour Operators, Fair Trade Volunteering
  • the promotion, advertising and marketing of the trips


AA Kenya provides

  • the staffing in-country, eg drivers, cooks and guides
  • the local tour license to run the trip
  • the office back-up and implementation of your trip in Nairobi
  • all the transport and facilitation of the activities you will do
  • all the logistics of being sheltered, fed and safe during your stay

Moving Mountains provides

  • arrangement and running of all the projects and programmes
  • a professional underpinning of all the developmental aid
  • team leaders and all our field workers working with you
  • the allocation of your fundraising to all the aspects of our work
  • training and development for your time in-country including the peer programme, the school help programme, Black Cats and learning Swahili.

The money you pay to Adventure Alternative covers all of the logistical elements of your trip, the training before you go, and a proportion of all the overheads required to staff and manage the main office, plus the equipment and vehicles we keep in-country for your use. This is normally not something that can be fundraise for. 

The money you fundraise for Moving Mountains covers all of the projects and programmes we run, that you will be taking part in, plus the costs of the peer you will be spending time with if that is the case.