University trips

We run university trips like medical electives, field trips, RAG challenges and volunteering placements for students. They are all designed to support the work of the Moving Mountains Trust and also provide essential work experience and personal development, especially for students studying development and social enterprise.

We ensure that our trips are relevant and meaningful and personally handled, and that the benefits are properly defined. We also provide a clear transparency over any fundraising and the money spent on any programmes in-country.Our pre-trip training and personal service is a particular point of pride.

What is a University Trip?

Our overseas university trips strive to enrich a university education by engaging with rural communities in the countries we operate in. We strive to provide students with a meaningful volunteer experience that not only gives back to local communities in a sustainable way but also enriches the lives of the students.

Depending on the type of trip, students can also receive school credit for these trips. Contact us with your requirements and we will let you know if your individual situation is eligible for credit on one of our trips.

Kenya Medical Camp (7)

Students playing outside of the housing at the Kenya Medical Camp.

Who Goes on University Trips?

University students from all backgrounds are able to go on some of our trip offerings. The exception to this rule is our medical camps and electives, which are reserved for medical and dental students. Other university trips are open to all university students and volunteer groups.

Medical Elective Trips in Nepal and Kenya

We operate medical electives and camps in both Kenya and Nepal. These trips offer a chance to receive school credit. Typically, these trips are reserved for third-year medical students. However, we do have limited space for first and second-year students.

Our camps and electives are designed to give you hands-on experience in rural communities and make a real impact on the welfare of the people in these locations. We wish to create lasting relationships between you and that camp and continue these relationships long after you have returned home. Many of our past students come back and volunteer in Kenya and Nepal long after they finished their electives.

Nepal Medical Camp (18)

Dental students help local villages in Nepal.

Our medical camp in Nepal sets up moving clinics in rural villages in order to provide people with much-needed basic services. We employ local Nepalese doctors and dentists to work alongside students to help solve some of rural Nepal’s much-needed health issues.

University Trips to Borneo

Our Borneo University Trips aims to help the indigenous Penan tribe in Sarawak. This tribe lives deep in the jungle and battles with the effects of logging every day. Our University Trip to Borneo heads out to their tree farm where we will work to plant trees to battle the logging business. The second portion of this trip involves traveling to a turtle conservation project as well as an orangutan rehabilitation centre.

Our RAG Borneo Expedition also heads deep into the jungle to work with the Penan tribe. This trip features a homestay and a two-night jungle wild-camping experience. Moving Mountains aims to help the people of the Penan tribe enjoy a sustainable existence in the modern world. By planting trees are contributing to the regrowth and rebirth of the world’s oldest rainforest.

MESCOT - tree planting - successful morning.jpgMESCOT - tree planting - successful morning.jpg

Students and villagers hang out after a day of planting trees.

University Trips to Nepal

Aside from our medical trip offerings we also host a Nepal Tourism Workshop. This two-week walking workshop works closely with our sister charity Moving Mountains. We will trek to remote Nepali villages and work with locals to form connections between tourism and social entrepreneurship. This trip is a perfect fit for university students who study social enterprise.

Students will facilitate and help the various projects happening in Nepal through Moving Mountains. In Nepal, tourism is a big deal, and by linking these villagers to tourism income, we are providing them with the ability to build a better village and a better life.

Nepal Tourism Workshop (11)

Engaging with local students while on the Nepal Tourism Workshop.

What Kind of Physical Shape is Required for an Overseas University Trip?

Most of our university trips require some physical activity. You do not need to be a mountaineer or bushwhacking expert in order to come on a trip with us. However, you should be in decent physical shape, be able to lift around 15kg or able to walk for several hours throughout the day.

Each trip requires a different level of fitness. For example, in Nepal, you will spend several days walking all day in order to reach our destination. While in Borneo, we will be trekking through the humid jungle in order reach the Penan tribe.

Volunteering in Kenya (9)

Volunteers and locals helping to build a local school.

What Should I Pack for my University Trip?

Your packing list varies based on your location, however, protection from the elements is essential. Consider getting some quick-drying, non-cotton clothes to wear and protection from the sun.

Comfortable, stable footwear is essential. For Nepal, we recommend a pair of well-broken-in trekking boots. For Africa, comfortable walking shoes are perfect. Borneo is a bit tricky, as the jungle is often wet and slippery, yet very hot. Some form of trainers with good treads are required. We will send you an itemized packing list to ensure you have everything you need for your adventure.

Kenya Medical Camp (19)

Come help families in Kenya with our Medical Electives and camps.

A university charity trip is an excellent experience that not only brings you adventure but connects you to local communities as well.