Mountain guide in Nepal

Lopsang comes from the village of Khari Khola and is one of our climbing team in Nepal. He has made several expeditions to Mount Everest and is a qualified guide in Nepal and is training towards the UIAGM qualification.

He is married with one child and speaks excellent English and is very proficient at dealing with clients on high peaks. He is self-effacing and pleasant company, and a safe guide to be travelling with.

Lopsang has passed the following training courses in Nepal:

Basic Mountaineering Course - intended for the mountaineers to equip them with new techniques and methodology on mountaineering and rescue activities.

Advance Mountaineering Course -  for the mountaineers who have completed Basic Mountaineering Course and includes advanced techniques and skills. 

Aspirant Guide Training - currently on the list for inclusion in this programme which is supervised by the IFMGA.


Areas covered in the training:

  • Mountain Tourism: Trekking, Mountaineering, Hiking, Rafting, Rock climbing etc.
  • Mountain ecology and Environment : Flora and Fauna
  • Mountain Geography of Nepal Himalayas
  • History of mountaineering and NMA
  • Weather
  • Danger in mountain
  • Mountaineering Terminology
  • Camping and Bivouacking
  • Organizing Trekking and Expeditions
  • Responsibility of Guide on Trekking and Expeditions
  • Introduction Mountaineering Equipment’s (clothing)
  • Equipment Protection
  • Ropes and Knots
  • Belaying and Rope Handling
  • Rock Climbing
  • Snow Climbing
  • Ice Climbing
  • Mix Climbing
  • Fixed Rope Technique
  •  Rescue Technique
  • Transportation in mountain
  • Mountain Navigation use of Map and Compass
  • First Aid and Altitude Sickness
  • Communication