Driver in Kenya

Kenneth Amani was one of the first street children that Adventure Alternative worked with, his family are from Kakamega County in Western Kenya but due to droughts and lack of food at his family home back in the mid-nineties, he decided to try his luck on the streets of Nairobi. Being the oldest in his family put incredible pressure on Kenos after his father passed away when he was young.

Kenos joined up with the street gang from Shauri Moyo slum in Nairobi that Adventure Alternative helped to support back in the early days, quickly becoming a very popular figure within the group thanks to his great sense of humour and unusual, albeit 'excellent' dance moves. He was also built like a tank and knew how to look after himself and as a result provided very good security for the group.

Although he showed little interest in a formal education, Kenos has embraced a number of courses over the years to get his reading and writing skills up to scratch and to improve his English and eventually choosing a career fitting his passion of driving and mechanics. Kenos drives the smaller vehicles regularly but he is always gaining experience working with Jackton Otieno on our big overland safari trucks. He also looks after our stores in Nairobi and works on our youth expeditions as an assistant leader.