Vehicle manager in Kenya

Our very good friend and work colleague, Jackton Otieno (more affectionately known as OT) passed away on the 19th June 2017 but we want to keep his memory alive on this page. He was a big character in the company and worked for AA for twenty two years managing the vehicles, driving clients and running safaris and looking after many school groups.

He died with his family and friends close by and will be forever remembered as a true legend, incredible driver and mechanic, comedian, friend to everyone and probably most importantly of all, a loving husband and incredible father to his seven children.

Our thoughts will always be with with his family and in particular his wife, Mama Ochieng and seven children - Marcus, Phoebe, Diana, Ruth, Sharon, Christian and Andy Castrol. 

Our sister charity Moving Mountains have set up a donation fund to ensure that his young family continue to have access to the quality education that OT worked so hard to provide all his kids with previously. All donations can be made on his dedicated BT MyDonate page.

Like all the older staff, OT was also a mentor to the former beneficiaries and street children who showed any interest in driving or mechanics, he was never short of an apprentice and helped many people learn to drive. He also had an incredible ability for finding wildlife on safari, while most people rely on radio contact and other guides sharing information, OT used his sixth sense to ensure you're first to see one of the 'Big 5'. He also summited Mount Kenya once on a Moving Mountains fundraiser but never went back!

OT's humour, character and laughter positively impacted every single person he ever met. He was an incredibly hard working, sensitive, family focused man. His children would literally dance and laugh and giggle around him as he walked through his gate with a beaming smile after a trip. His laughter will live on in all those that were ever lucky enough to have met and spent time with him.